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I knew this song but like with so many others I've only heard from the radio, I had no idea about the lyrics. So the first thing I did, I googled the lyrics and listened the song at the same time. My first idea, just based to the title of the piece, was to make a set of cards. But while reading the lyrics the overall mood of the pieces and also the topic shifted completely. I felt really inspired by the chorus part about the different suits. "I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier. I know that the clubs are weapons of war. I know that diamonds mean money for this art. But that's not the shape of my heart."


The color scheme of the ATCs is partly inspired by the movie the song belongs to - Leon the Professional. I've seen it once and remember it as dark and distressing. Even though the movie isn't black and white in my mind I've turned the imaginaries to the monochromatic scheme. So I used mostly black India ink to the cards. The series have just one source of color, the heart.

The suits are cut freehand from a piece of thicker cardstock, colored and then coated with Glossy Accents. All the other suits are mat and colored with India Ink and PITT pens, but the heart is hot shiny red with Luminarte pigments twinkling underneath the glossy layer. 


These cards, like all the ATCs I do are free for grabs or a swap! If you either wish to receive one or want to make a swap with me, please send me a mail! The address can be found on the sidebar. 

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Talens, Prima Marketing, 3rd Eye, Ranger, Luminarte


  1. Oh wow. They look really cool and grungy!

  2. These are stunning little creations!

  3. Loving the grunge look a lot, great to read your inspiration :-) xxx

  4. Aivan huippua, niin tunteita täynnä sarja! Saisinko minä #4 Changes? Minäkin tänään sain uuden sarjan valmiiksi, valitse vapaasti: http://scrap-utilis.blogspot.com/2014/09/atc-provence.html

    1. Kortti lähti matkaamaan luoksesi :)

  5. Kerrassaan upea sarja!

  6. Magnificent! I already certainly quite become insolent, but it can to me and №1 too - decided to look what yet you create masterpieces, and here such:)))


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