Sleeping like an Egyptian? - workshop piece from Salo

Hello there! Today I'd like to share with you this canvas I made in my workshop last week in Salo. I added a few touches to it at home - the touches with the Pearl Maker and Art Extravaganza Gold Crackle, but otherwise it was done during the 4-hour class. 

The ladies in the class were so talented and had such a way with colors! I love each and every one of their pieces! Some of the people in there draw their own lady, but I also had a few Prima Bloomgirl stamps with me to make things easy as I know what a leap of faith drawing a face might be! It took me quite a lot of courage to do the first lady canvas but now with each take it's getting easier.

My original idea was to make a "withered summer" style of personification of the season. But when I chose the color palette and then draw the face of the lady to my surprise I found a Egyptian style, autumn colored person in there. I was struggling a bit first, trying to fight the way the piece was leading me, but then decided to do as I preach - go with the flow. So here she is, funny lamp-headed Egyptian lady, dreaming about autumn. 

Talking about workshops, have you noticed something new in my sidebar? I've been invited to Norway to teach! More info about the workshops is coming, you from this link you can find more info about the event already. I'm super excited and honored!

Thank you for stopping by today! And in case you still haven't hopped for a chance to get some of the new stamps designed by Birgit, I urge you to take part! Here's the link to the hop post! Have a great, sunny day! 

Materials: Tattered Angels, Talens, Prima Marketing, Pan Pastels, Design Memory Craft


  1. This is just gorgeous. Love the sunshiney colours and she is beautiful.

  2. Wonderful piece of ART WORK. It is gorgeous.
    Love your work and became a follower Anneke.

  3. I just took a look but I cannot became a follower.
    That's a pitty thanks for inspiring me Anneke.

    1. There's the little RSS button on the sidebar that allows you to add me to different readers for example or subscribe by email :)


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