Braveheart canvas - Overemotional workshop by Finnabair

Lovely Saturday! Some weeks ago I attended a great event in Turku, Finland. It was called "Matka Luovuuteen" and you can read more about the event here, in my previous post (link)

In the event we had the joy to participate to two Finnabair's workshops. The other one was a layout (link to my post about that workshop) and the other one an "Overemotional" canvas which you can see on the left. 

I really enjoyed working with this piece! I made myself a hairpiece with a few lights, paint brush, pencil stub and also a paper clip to include a few personal, meaningful things in there. Also the big circular thing at the bottom of the layout is something I brought with me - it's a casing from an old alarm clock my father and I took apart together.

I had a little accident when spraying the paints in. Even though I had covered the photo, I removed the coverage too soon. Or rather was silly enough to lift the canvas upright after removing the protection and was left with a blue streak across my face. Um. Not what I planned. But what you can't cover - emphasize. So I then added a few more streaks across the face sort of to balance the icicle style formations in the headpiece. Outcome is ok but keeps reminding me about the movie "Braveheart". But I guess a little bit of creative freedom is never a bad thing?

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Luminarte, Ranger


  1. Ihana, mullakin kävi äksidentti, jonka Ania onneksi korjasi. ;)

    1. Ollaan siis tapaturma-altista askartelijaa :D

  2. Funny ! Before reading your text my first thought was that you have DADED to make those blue streaks or run-off across your face.
    Anyway your canvas is a well-balanced nice piece of work.

    Pirjo (Ebba)

  3. This is stunning! and there are no mistakes in scrapping!!

  4. WOW WOW WOW... that is an amazing piece of art :D I think the misty streaks are lovely and very arty :D you created a beautiful piece here.


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