Making videos - part 1

I've been asked how I record my videos, what programs I use to edit them and how I place my camera. To answer these questions, I decided to make a few post about making videos. Or rather how I go on about it. Please, if you have any questions, just keep them coming! It's always great to write a post that you'd like to read. Please just comment or send me a mail! 

This first post is about the way I record the videos. I'm going to make another post about the editing part later this month.

I use my Canon EOS 600D to record the videos. If I'm being smart about it, I load the battery previous night and also empty the memory card. But usually I get the idea of making a video there and then so the recording part might be interrupted by any of the two - or usually both. But when I have my camera ready, I attach it to the tripod I have and then lift the whole thing on the living room table aka my craft table. 

I tilt the camera facing down, but not totally down as then the legs of the tripod would show. If you look at the picture there you can also see that I make the hind leg of the tripod a tad longer than the front ones to get the camera tilt more without the legs showing. Usually the legs end up showing a bit anyway, but I hope that's not too distracting. Nowadays I usually keep the tripod adjusted to the video mode and store it that way too, but every now and then when I use it to other projects, I need to make the adjustments from the beginning. 

One great thing about the camera I use is it's screen that I can flip to show what I'm doing. Before I had this version of EOS, I always needed to stand on top of a chair and see that the view was right and then start working. On some occasions I didn't push the record button hard enough and then ended up missing a stage in the video. But now it's easy to maneuver the camera and get the zoom and positioning right. And to make sure that the camera is really filming when I start!

When I'm making a video, I use a big white cardstock and a see through craft mat. Well, it USED to be see through mat and cardstock was more white, but as I'm a messy crafter with all sorts of media the craft mat now has gesso stains in it and the white cardstock has turned into a multicolored one with mists. But I still prefer them to the other craft mat I have which is pink. The idea behind the white and see through is to give the video a neutral background and also bring light to the shot. 

I don't usually have a big plan when I start to record a video. Of course I have an idea about a project and what it's for and that brings some restrictions but I don't plan ahead. I have a photo and the background paper chosen before I start and then I work from there. If it's a DT work for example for 3rd Eye, I've chosen the stamps I want to use in the project. Or if it's for a GDT post I have the materials I need to showcase on the table. But I don't have a plan to use that technique and then add this embellishment - I tackle the subject as they come up. 

I store some of the materials I'm going to use to the other side of the table, like the stamps or other products I need to use. I usually also have a tea cup on the table, but that doesn't show in the video. Usually the table is quite empty when I start but quite loaded with stuff when I finish. I just gather the materials there on the side and when the video is ready, only then put them back to their place.

I make the video in parts. So I don't make one long shot, but instead use several shorter ones so I don't have to edit that much out of the final version. So what you don't see in the videos is all the gaps - when I go dry the paints with the heat tool, or when I go and fetch the pencil or tape or similar. I cut all those parts out when I edit the video. But that's a story for the other post!

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you found this post useful! If you have any questions, please just type them in! Wishing you a lovely day!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this because I absolutely love to watch your process videos and, of course, your end creations. I particularly love the way you edit them, keeping the interest and making the overall length just right. I shall be watching out for your next post. Thanks for sharing so far... 😊

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words <3

  2. Looking forward to part two :)

  3. Thank you for this Riikka!


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