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Hello! Today I have something a little different for you. A couple of weeks back Ashli asked me to participate to a hop where you get tagged and then tag forward. The idea is to pass inspiration and introduce new interesting, inspiring blogs and crafters. I'm really honored she wanted to tag me! Ashli is such a huge talent and she makes the creating look so effortless and playful! I love the joy you can find in her pages and creations! If you aren't already familiar with the "Puple Mailbox" -blog, you can visit it here (link).

But let's move on - this hop post itself has a preset format: to acknowledge the person who tagged you, share answers to certain questions and then in turn tag three inspirational blogs so that the tour can continue. As I have the first point covered, let's get to the second: the questions.

1. What am I working on right now?

The best way to see what's currently on my craft table is to follow either my Instagram or Twitter account as I share sneaks of the future projects there. I usually try to work a month ahead so currently I'm finishing the DT projects for September, most of which are done. I also have some surprise GDT style things coming with a shorter notice so some of the projects I have on my "to-do" list have deadlines in August.

During the weekend I finished typing the texts for September Mixed Media Place projects and sent those in. I also drafted my Epiphany Crafts GDT posts and also created a card for an upcoming Craft Stamper challenge. 

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

Depends on the project really. My friend Marsha Valk has renamed me as Speedy Gonzales and when it comes to scrapbooking that might be accurate. It takes me about an hour to create a page, including drying. If I'm on a swing it can be less, also. But the mixed media projects require more time. If I have the possibility, I start them previous night and then let them dry over night. 

My cards are really quick makes, those take usually less than 30 minutes to make. ATCs require a bit more or rather less - one card takes maybe 20 minutes but as I always do a set so I guess it's the 20 minutes times the amount of cards. And for art journaling I really can't say anything, it totally depends on my mood and what I'm experimenting.  

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

It seems that I fall in love a paint product and then use it all the time for a while before the situation calms a bit. My long term loves are gesso, mists and pencil. Currently I'm trying out the Dina Wakley acrylic paints and new Wow! Embossing Powders and enjoying them tremendously! I've also kept adding to my PITT pen collection.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I don't think too much ahead. When I start, I choose a photo and a story to go with it and then work from there. I start by thinking the color scheme and then pull some papers to match that. Then I take out the media, create the background, layer the patterned papers and embellish the page. I guess the best way to see the actual process is to take a look at some of my videos (link)

But maybe this question also speaks about the process we crafters have even before we choose the supplies we are going to use? About inspiration and how that original idea transforms into something concrete. As a matter of fact, that subject intrigues me really much! How the creative process of different people vary and is there some things that are in common? I guess as we humans are individuals so are the processes to create. Oh how I would love to chat about this process with different creative mind! 

I actually tweeted a question about this not too long ago. The songwriter of one of my favorite bands tweeted about how he needs peace in order to create. Because I'm quite the opposite, I was wondering if we're divided equally in two groups - those who need that extra room for the creative spark and those who have to keep the spark going by constantly creating.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

This is a hard question as the answer is really broad one. I'm inspired constantly and about everything. Knock on wood but to this day there hasn't been a time when I couldn't find the inspiration for a project. I always have multiple creative processes going on in my head. Some of them are on hold, in search of a good assignment to realize them, some of them are "work in progress" like most of the times with the "Inspired by" posts and some of them just about to become reality. For an inside view of my head, so to speak, you could also try out this previous post - 12 hours of inspiration (link).

6. What is my signature style?

I guess other people could define my style better than myself! But making the mixed media style background is what I always go for. And most of my projects have black or dark grey splashes in them. I also like to add penciled details and usually use analogous color schemes. 

And now for the three "tag-ees" I invited to join! These crafters all have their own, strong style and they differ hugely from each other style-wise. What they all have in common is their huge talent and their inspirational creations, brought to perfection. So let's meet them (in alphabetical order)!

I have had the pleasure to have Lena in my class and partly see how her style has grown. I think her textural pieces are just sublime! It's always a true joy to see an artist to find her style!

If you aren't yet familiar this huge talent, I promise you'll be hearing from him soon! Prima Marketing just announced their new Educators and ever so rightly Mariusz is one of them! He's a true master of the chic style! 

Something I can't do is to go clean and simple, but this lady here surely can that. Veera's pages are luminous in many ways - the color schemes she uses but also the way they shine in design and composition!

Thank you so much for your visit today! So much texts and so little photos! I hope you managed through it all! Please check out all the four blogs tagged here and return to the last three in a week to find out who they tagged! 

And if you feel like you've read something similar in the past, you might be thinking about this post (link). Then I was challenged by Karita and answered some similar questions there. 

Wishing you an inspirational Monday!


  1. I am so touched and grateful for Your comments and to be a part of this blog hop.You are so talented and amazing artist. Hugs,Lena

    1. Thank you for accepting Lena <3 The pleasure is mine! Thank you also for your sweet words! <3


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