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Hi there! A few weeks back, I got a challenge from Karita Vainio. She invited me to a blog hop sort of thing. The key is to answer a few questions and then challenge some fellow crafters along. Her own post can be found here (link) and at the bottom of this post are three incredible creative geniuses that will answer the same questions next monday, the July 7th! Hopefully you'll join them then!

Thank you for the challenge, Karita! And here we go...


1) What am I working on?

I usually try to work at least a month ahead so currently I'm doing projects for August deadlines. Some of them are DT work and some of them are for publications. I have a little over 20 projects for August on my "to do" list.

This morning I did three layouts and a card and taped three videos while working on them. I'm currently paint to dry to continue working on a fourth layout and then I'm thinking of doing an art journal spread.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Oh, this is a hard one! I don't think it really differs that much for other mixed media influenced scrapbookers. I usually work the background first, using different paints and other mediums and then layer the patterned papers on top. Of course if you compare my work for example to that of Veera's, there's a huge difference but mostly because our styles are so different!

Somebody has sometimes said that my work can be recognized by the splashes and the pencil lines. So I guess they are key elements in my layouts. What also comes to my minds is the colors I use - I rarely do brown or neutral pages but like to work with more color. And I tend to use neighboring colors in my works, avoiding putting contrasting colors to same page.


3) Why do I create what I do?

I create because I must. And I don't mean deadlines or DT work but the urge to do something with my hands. To use my imagination and combine different elements to create something my own. It's a kind of therapy. If I haven't been able to create for a while, the need actually comes almost physical and I get grumpy.

I've always crafted one way or the other, but since I started scrapbooking and especially when I found my style, I've pretty much abandoned all other crafts. It's a form of self expression to me and keeps me going. It's my own time and my thing.

4) How does your creating process work?

I guess an answer to this question is to watch some of my start to finish videos (link), but I guess this question also speaks about the process I have even before I pull out the photo and the paper. As a matter of fact, this subject intrigues me really much! How the creative process of different people vary and is there some things that are in common? I guess as we humans are individuals so are the processes to create. Oh how I would love to chat about this process with different creative people - like musicians! As my creative process is highly visual, I really can't put myself in the shoes of a creative mind working with notes, not images.

What triggers my process is usually a photo, a story or then just the assignment I'm given. An example: I find a photo of my daughter's dentist appointment and want to record that story. Or my other daughter tells me how she wants to be a Micky Mouse when she grows up and I want that memory to preserve for her. Or then I just read from my "to do" list that the new challenge is connected to stamping. So it differs from time to time. The next step, though, is to choose the photo (if it wasn't the first) and then the background paper and the color scheme. From then on I just go with the flow - I want to use a certain technique, I just grab the first media available in my reach or I want to break my own comfort zone. But what guides my process are the colors and the over all design plan I have in my head. The design, however, is flexible and can change in course of the creative process, but the colors stay from the moment when I start to the end.

I work very fast and usually don't think much when I'm creating. Or perhaps I should say that I don't ponder much, when I'm creating. Of course I'm thinking about the design and which embellishments to use, how I place my title and such, but it all works in an instant. I can try a certain embellishment to two different places, but decide which to use in seconds. I usually get a page done under an hour, some times it takes a little longer if I need to dry it a lot or can't find the "final pieze of the puzzle" from my embellishments.

Have my answers triggered more questions or ideas? Please share them here! Just leave a comment or mail me, if there's something you want to know!

Thank you for stopping by today! And here's some super inspirational ladies joining the hop next Monday! 

DeeDee Catron: "I am a 26 year old mom and wifey who gets to do what she loves EVERY.DAY. I'm the Marketing and Artistic Director (+stamp designer) for Viva Las VegaStamps!, Owner/Creative Director for UmWowStudio and Product Designer for 7 Dots Studio. I love all sorts of crafty projects and design based stuffs including cards, mixed media, layouts, art journaling, altered bits and more."

I just love DeeDee's style! Her pages and crafts are always perfectly balanced and they have lovely little details and surprises in them! I adore her way to work with white space and her product designs give wings to my imagination! Be sure to check out her UmWowStudio brand

Misty Russell: "Hi! I'm a mom to a wonderful son and daughter who I love dearly. I’ve also been blessed with an amazing husband who is my biggest supporter and encourager. 

I started scrapping in October of 2010 after stumbling upon one of the big online galleries. I was instantly hooked! They were unlike any scrapbook pages I’d seen before…pure ART! So while most people scrap for the memories...I started doing it purely for the art therapy. Archiving memories was just an added bonus!

My style has evolved over the last couple of years but I do believe I fit more into the artsy/grungy category. I’m addicted to texture and love to use modeling paste and gesso on just about every project! 

The thing I love most about this “hobby” is the many friends that I have made. I’m amazed how this art form and the community that surrounds it are so supportive and encouraging with each other. It really makes this planet we live on seem like such a small little world!"

I'm so fortunate to belong the same team as Misty and to see her creations sometimes before they hit her blog! She's unbelievably creative and artistic! She's also a wizard with paint media and creates the most awesome effects with them! If you haven't seen her videos, you should. Like now.

Tusia Lech: "I love all kinds of media – if I would have to define my style, I would say that media are the only constant thing. My favourite colours are fresh, bold greens, blues and pinks, but at the same time I just love delicate, pale hues of beige, rose and white. 

However there is something in my projects, what can be found always – a positive, feminine style. Scrapbooking fills my whole life – it is all around me – in my private life and in my job career. I love the process of creation – I have created things since early childhood – all kinds of handmade things always attracted me. I cannot imagine my life without making some art. Even if I leave for a weekend, I always take my small “art-bag”, filled with art-journal supplies. I am lucky enough to be a designer in a few very creative places. I love drinking coffee, reading books, walking through the forest, watching flowers on the meadow, basking in the autumn sun and being deep in my inner world. I can say that I am happy person and wouldn't change a single thing in my life."

I absolutely adore this woman! She's so positive, happy and encouraging! And on top of being such an amazing person, she's an amazing artist, too. Her creations are always full of joy and happiness, they leave you with a good mood and inspire to excel yourself everyday. I'm beyond words honored that I was chosen to her brand's, 7 Dots Studio's design team.

Thank you so much ladies for joining the hop! I can't wait to read your answers, especially to that last question! 


  1. <3 You are amazing Riikka!!! You know, that I love you :) Thank you for inviting me to this "hopping fun" :) xxxx

    1. Thank you sweet Tusia! Love you back! Thank you for taking part! <3

  2. Uskomaton määrä to do listalla ja mietinkin, että miten ehdit töissä käydä vai etkö nuku ollenkaan? Ihanaa, että jaksat tehdä videoita ja leiskoja niin lehtiin kuin bloginkin näytille.

    1. Teen tosiaan täyttä työviikkoa ja nukun kesäisin semmoinen 5-6 tuntia yössä :D
      Kiitos kannustuksesta! :)

  3. You are awesome riika! I'm so glad that we have become friends! I love getting a glimpse I to your creative mind. <3

    1. Thank you sweet Misty! I'm so happy, too! Can't wait for our post!

  4. Riikka I loved reading this! I'm amazed at how prolific you are with so many gorgeous pages so it's nice to get insight into your creative thinking...thank you!

  5. Ihana postaus ja kiitos Riikka kun otit haasteen vastaan!
    Olet sinä aikamoinen taituri ja ajankäytön mestari :)

    1. Kiitos Karita haasteesta! Tämä oli hauska postaus kirjoittaa :)

  6. I"m so honored -- and loved reading about you! ♥♥

  7. Rikka you are amazing! Simply amazing. You are such an inspiration to me and such a lovely person. I loved reading your post xx

  8. Rikka, I adoooooooore all your creations !!!, they are all amazing!!

    Like to do so beautiful as you one day ????!!, hugssssssssssss from France, Christaine


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