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Hello there! Today I'm sharing this canvas over at Scrap365's blog. I made it using the Wow! Embossing Powders. The canvas has very little other mediums besides the powders. If you are looking for ideas what to do with your embossing powders please keep an eye on the Scrap365 blog - there's some inspirational posts already and more to come! 

I started by covering the canvas with watermark ink. Then I sprinkled different colors of embossing powders to it and heat set the powders. I used turquoises, blues, green and even a touch of yellow. I repeated the process several times to get a nice, thick coverage to the canvas. As the last layer of powder was still hot, I pressed a bloom stamp to the powder to create a little texture to the background. 

Then I added yet another powder layer to the piece, this time by using a stencil. I inked the canvas through a circle stencil and then added white and pearlescent white powders on top and heated the powders. It created a nice, bubbling style pattern. The technique of double embossing is learned from Birgit Koopsen.

I also added some texture to the corners of the canvas using embossing powders and microbeads. I heated the corner of the canvas and while the powder was still hot and sticky, I poured some microbeads to the surface. After the embossing powder had cooled, the beads stayed in place, partly emerged to the layer of embossing powder. 

To embellish the canvas, I created three different embellishments using the powders and coated the ready ones with the same shades. That means I added some embossing to the flowers, chipboard pieces and even to the feather. 

I used the Wow! moulds to create a few 3-dimensional pieces - the two roses and the bow. For these I used the Melt-It powder together with the regular embossing powders and embossing glitters. The butterfly and the clock faces are done using transparency for printer. The clocks are done using just the black powder, but the butterfly has two embossing surfaces in it - the black on the other side and the two yellows on the other. All the half beads are also done using embossing powders - heating the powder in a small container and then dropping little drops to a non-sticking surface. 

I hope I have inspired you to try your embossing powders in another way! Thank you for taking a look! Have a great day!

Materials from Wow!:

Opaque Primaries: Sunny Yellow
Pastel Opaques: Pastel BluePastel Yellow
Opaque Whites: Bright White
Primary Colors: LagoonEbonyApple Red
Earthtones: Olive
Embossing Glitters: Nice Ice BlueMagenta Twinkle
Pearlescent: White Pearl


  1. This is beautiful Riikka....the colours are so amazing and perfect for soaring! The background definitely gives one the impression of just floating away on the breeze....so stunning! The flower, feather and butterflies are just perfect too! ;-)

  2. This canvas is awesome Riikka....so beautiful with all the details and brilliant embossing techniques :)

  3. So beautiful Riikka...love the flower cluster and the butterflies... stunning canvas.


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