Inspired by... Moppe

It's again the 10th of the month and time for the "Inspired by" creation! But what is Inspired by? Every month darling Marsha and me choose a subject to be inspired by. It can be a movie (link)an item (link)a designer (link), a painting (link) or a music style (link). It can be anything! Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month.

This time we went (again) with something different! We've done altered items before and were thinking about making one again. Marsha had visited Ikea and threw in the idea of using a Moppe drawer as the base for the creation. I was immediately in - not that I knew what I was doing, but I thought the item had a big potential.

Then came the hardest part. Trying to get an idea about what to do. Should I take it apart? Or use it as it is? I had the Moppe in my closet and kept thinking about the ideas how to be inspired by it. My first idea was to use it as a base for a mixed media work but the I came to think about the practicality and also what I would do with the finished piece.

Then one afternoon, once again trying to find "a little pink something" from my stash of embellishments it hit me. When I'm on a hunt for an embellishment it's always using the color as the key factor, not shape nor brand or even the type! I'm hunt for "pink things" or "yellow embellishments" rather than "a sticker by My Mind's Eye". So what I needed to do, is to divide my embellishments according to color rather by the way they were before - scattered in different storage by the type. In comes the Moppe!

As my Moppe had four drawers, I used the same rule than in my drawers for little pieces of scrapbooking papers, sorted by color. Yellows, greens and browns to one drawer, blues, turquoises and lilacs to the second, reds, oranges and pink in third and blacks, whites, greys and metallics to the fourth.


I wanted to use the colors inside the drawers outside too but keep the over appearance harmonious. So I chose to go with a white background and painted the Moppe with gesso first. Then I worked one drawer at a time and created colorful clusters to them. All of the drawers have some kind of mixed media inspired background but still each of them is different. The white one has a white doily glued to it using gel medium, some chalk inked dots and just a few flicks of mist. The other three have mists, but I added the same media to the drawers differently. To red one I just sprayed directly, to the blue I mimicked watercolors and for the green/yellow I used a stencil.

The clusters are done with different embelishments like stickers, diecuts and buttons. They all have an inspirational quote in them as well. "Let's go anywhere - destination anywhere", "Onward & Upward", "Keep Calm and Take a Photo" and "Carpe Diem".


Then came the most tricky part - to actually divide the embellishments into the drawers. This meant I needed to do a bit of cutting every here and there, but finally I got the drawers looking like the one underneath. The stickers, chipboards, brads and other embellishments are all in a lovely mix. I kept some of the ones I tend to grab first or use in special occasions separate. The ones in their own storage are flair buttons, plain chipboard embellishments, flowers and Prima 3 D embellishments - like the resin shapes and the Mechanicals. So much easier to use!

But enough about my babbling - let's go see what Marsha has made this time! Just follow this link!


  1. Why am I not surprised?! This is so you! And the fact that you could fit all your embellies in there... That's also so you! This was by far the scariest IB we've done so far... But the results are pretty pleasing ;-).

    1. Thank you <3 I'm not sure if it's me or not, but one is always so blind to one's own work. :D But I really like that once again we did something similar yet so different!

      Thank you for doing these challenges with me!

  2. This was just amazing and very cool! Love the way you chose different colors on each drawer.
    And thanks for the comment in my blog.

  3. gorgeous project! love it! might need to jack the idea for my scraproom :)

  4. It looks gorgeous! Love the idea of storing your stash by colour.

  5. Niin hieno! Ja niin sinun näköinen lopputulos :)

  6. As usual, I love your work! And this is such a great idea, organizing by color. Duh moment. Just have to remember manufacturers when listing supplies. That's always my worry, that I'll forget because I have random ones. Now I want to do a set of these for me...well, maybe...in time.

    1. Thank you! :")

      When writing supply lists I usually notice that I remember the manufactures and collections by heart so I decided to dare to use this system. I have to see how it works! :D


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