Warsaw, here I come!

Those ones that follow either my Facebook or Instagram already know the amazing news. I got invited to Poland to teach! I feel very honored and a bit scared, too, as I haven't taught in English before. But luckily I have Tusia there to translate so I'm going to be fine! Life is an adventure, after all!

I'm teaching two workshops, a paper layout one and a canvas one. The layout is based on my usual ways of working - making a mixed media style background and then layering papers on top. The canvas on the other hand is based on the creation I did for Mixed Media Place, the pink fairy one.

The workshops are sponsored by the stamp and chipboard company 3rd Eye, Canvas Corp which also carries Tattered Angels nowadays, the fabulous 7 Dots Studio with patterned papers and embellishments, PanPastel, home of lovely pan like pastels and the great source for all things mixed media Mixed Media Place.

You can find more info about the day from Rekodzielnik's blog (link). Underneath are the class descriptions.

Workshop 1: Mixedmedia Paper Layout Class: "Heart Full of Song"

If you combine gesso and paper together with mists, pencil and tapes what do you get? A sweet mess, lots of fun, happy faces and an unique layout with lovely layers and mixed media. In this workshop we use different mediums, layer them on paper and create a colorful layout with a lot of details. Be ready to get your fingers dipped in paint!

Workshop 2: Mixedmedia Canvas Class: "She Was Wearing Summer on Her Hair"

Think about summer. If you would need to captivate her on a canvas, what would the personification of a season look like? In this workshop we create a portrait of a fairy like being using mixed media techniques, gel medium, gesso, mists and PanPastels. The result is soft, delicate and dreamy canvas with lots of texture and elements.

Ps. If you are not able to travel to Warsaw, then you might want to think about these workshops online: Pop and Color 2 and Creative Retreat. Just saying, wink wink. 

Jos seuraat minua joko Facebookissa tai Instagramissa, olet saattanut jo huomata nämä suuret uutiset. Minut kutsuttiin Puolaan opettamaan! Olen erittäin otettu, mutta myös aika jännittynyt, sillä en ole aiemmin opettanut englanniksi! Mutta onneksi Tusia on kääntämässä sepustuksiani puolaksi, joten kaikki tullee menemään hyvin! Ja elämähän on seikkailu! 

Opetan kaksi eri kurssia, paperileiskan ja kanvaksen. Leiska perustuu normaaleihin työskentelytapoihini ja kanvas puolestaan Mixed Media Placelle tekemääni työhön. Lisää infoa kursseista löytyy Rekodzielnikin blogista (linkki)

Ps. Jos et ole matkustamassa Varsovaan ja englanti taittuu, kannattaa kurkata kaksi verkossa olevaa kurssia: Pop and Color 2 ja Creative Retreat. Emmolta puolestaan löytyy suomenkielisiä verkkokursseja, mm. Suuri Seikkailu!


  1. Congrats! That's so uber awesome!!

  2. Vähänkö hienoa, onnittelut! Sinä se vaan valloitat maailmaa aivan uskomattomalla tahdilla! Upeita töitä ja tuottelias nainen, joten ei mikään ihme! :)

  3. Paljon Onnea!! Hienoa Riikka :)


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