Inspired by wedding song

Today it's Inspired by day! Every month Marsha and me choose a subject to be inspired by. It has been a movie (link), a painting (link) and a music style (link). Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month. It used to be the 1st, but due to various DT commitments we both have, we moved the reveal to the 10th.

Today the subject is music from our wedding. I chose to go with a single song, our wedding song which we danced to. The song is called "Grow Old With Me" and it's originally written by John Lennon. We played the Damian Wilson version at our wedding.

This time my inspiration was quite literal one - I wanted to use the chorus as the title and make the page about my husband. Now listening again to the song, I could say that the etherial sounds affacted the way I made my layout, but while I was working on it, I didn't think of how the song sounded but only used it as a starting point. 

Our wedding colors were black, white and gold. First I thought to go with them, but after I had created texture to the background, I realized it really needed some color. So I asked my husband to choose a color randomly, he didn't knew what it was for. First he said "lavender" and then "red". So that's why the creation is purple, which is really unusual color for me. And yes, this is my interpretation of those colors.

As I said, I made the background texture first. I added to a paper I had formerly demoed during a workshop  first a coat of gesso. Then I attached a copy of a map to the paper. After those layers had dried, I rip to pieces several different cheese cloths and added them to the background with gesso. I also put a little paper doily there in pieces. Then I added the colors using Glimmer Mists. I sprayed them heavily on top of the page and then used a light pink color to get the mists running down the page. Because of the gesso layer underneath, the mists didn't dry at once and I was able to do this. 

I kept the paper layers really simple in order to have as much background showin as possible. The golden details are done with WOW Fab Foil. I treated them partly with gesso to blend them to the page. I also added the Fab Foil to the little rose and on top of few half beads.

I wanted to have a little word play, so called, in the title. The golden letters spell "Grow with me", because my wish is both - that my husband grows old along with me and grows with me as we both have our own artistic aspirations in life together with the everyday family living and growing.

I hope you feel inspired by our creations! If you have done something inspired by your wedding music, please leave a link - I would love to see! Here's the direct link to Marsha's artwork for this challenge. Be inspired!



  1. Todella hieno tausta!!

  2. Ihanaa kimalletta :) En tiedä olenko sanonut tätä ennen, mutta tuo sun miehesi on niin tutun näköinen...

    1. Kiitokset :)

      Miehen veikkaus oli, että josko olet aiemmin sivussa nähnyt :D Koko ikänsä Helsingissä asunut.

  3. Love this one! Love the gold with the purple and pink!!!! So beautiful!

  4. So cool....love the grungy look...awesome!

  5. Fabulous! Love your colours and texture!


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