Easy ledger stripes tutorial

Here's something I shared in the PaperStories blog a few days ago. Ever wanted to write a great, big journaling straight to the background paper but didn't want to spend ages of measuring guidelines for it? Here's a quick way to draw some lines to the paper and start journaling! 

Tässä jotain, jonka jaoin PaperStories blogissa pari päivää sitten. Haluaisitko kirjoittaa pitkän tarinoinnin suoraan leiskan taustaan, mutta viivojen mittailu ei oikein innosta? Tässä on niksi, jolla apuviivat piirtää nopeasti!

You will need scrapbooking paper, paper cutter and a pencil. Remove the cutting blade from the paper cutter, if it's easy to do or be really careful not to cut paper with it while doing the lines.

Tarvitset paperin, paperileikkurin ja lyijykynän. Irrota paperileikkurin terä, jos se on helppoa, tai varo koskemasta siihen piirtämisen aikana.

Then just simply use the cutter as a ruler and draw the lines to the paper. With the grid in the paper cutter, you can make the lines either equally apart of then just randomly align them to the page.

Käytä sitten paperileikkuria viivottimena ja piirrä viivat paperille. Leikkurin mitta-asteikon avulla on helppo saada viivat tasavälein.

You're ready in no time and can start creating your layout! Mine is about yummy treats. The journaling reads: "Yummy! Treats! Although I never say no to chocolate, I must admit that dried and fresh fruits are delicious. I especially like grapes, juicy apples and mandarins. I'm not so much into melon. From the dried fruits I absolutely love dates and figs, but the traditional raisins are good, too. Especially if they are covered with chocolate."

After you have written your journaling, you can either let the guidelines as they are, as a design element, or then erase them.

Valmista tulee hetkessä ja pääset luomaan leiskaasi. Minun sivuni kertoo herkuista. Kun olet saanut tarinoinnin valmiiksi, voit joko antaa apuviivojen olla paperissa taikka sitten pyyhkiä ne pois.

Materials: Scrapperin, ILS, ColorConspiracy, Badgesfolie, American Crafts, Wycinanka, Ranger, Tattered Angels, Tsukineko


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