Inspired by Libertango

First of the month and it's time for another "Inspired by" -challenge with Marsha and me. And look, we have a new logo to go with the challenge! Feel free to grab it, if you too are inspired by the same thing and make your own creation.

To put it short, Marsha and me challenge one another on monthly basis to create something using different topics. Then we post on same date, the first of the month, at the same time and see what we have made! Here's the link to Marsha's post!

Tango was the source of inspiration this time. Libertango by Astor Piazzola, to be precise. We have used films and art as the source of inspiration so it felt only natural to try music this time. Then we had to choose which music to use! We didn't wan't to use our home country's music scene in this, because then one of us would have the home field advantage, so to say. So I suggested that we choose something completely different and picked Argentinian tango on top of my head. I guess the reason for it to pop into my mind was that I just had been listening to "Tango for four" cd a couple of days back. Marsha then asked me to pick up a certain song. Libertango immediately came into my mind, as it's very influential to me.

Libertango was the first tango nuevo I heard. It was in a movie called "The Tango Lesson" and the music of the film really moved me. I taped it from the telly and then watched it on my own in our livingroom. I remember jumping up from the sofa and starting to dance, when I heard Libertango. Absolutely wonderful feeling.

Now I listened the tango several times and tried to capture the images it brought to my mind. I knew that I didn't want to do a layout with that song. I had just finished the piece for Marit's musical blog party, when I started working on this project so a canvas and sort of pair to the one I had just finished came naturally.

I hear a chase and flames in the music. There's two creatures chasing each other - it's not a violent chase, more like a play. My first idea when thinking of tango and trying to depict it with an animal was cat, but somehow they don't fit into the flow of the music. The movement of the animal is more in burts, more fluttering. So I begun to see too butterflies.

The music is very red in color. Very fiery, very much alive. Tango also brought into my mind ruffles. I don't know why, they could be more assosiated with flamenco than tango, but I saw ruffles. Maybe it's because of the fiery, passionate, lively nature of the music.

My piece is a mixed media canvas. The canvas is first treated with masking tape. Then I added some self made white flowers to it and only after that I spraued the whole thing red. I used different Ranger and Tattered Angels's mists to do that. After that I went to my fabric stash and pulled out a piece of white silk. I teared it into strips and then colored the strips with the same mists. Then I saw three layers of the silk strips together and frayed their adges. I attached the pieces to the canvas and decorated it with rhinestones and the butterflies. Lastly I sprayed the whole thing heavily with a Glimmer Mist to really make it shine.

Materials: Tattered Angels, Ranger, WOW, EK Sussex, Bazzill, Marianne Design


  1. Tää on myös upea. Argentiinalainen tango on ihanaa kuunneltavaa ja tanssittavaa, tosin en taida enää osata yhtään,:) joten tyydyn katsomaan. Tango Passion kannattaa käydä katsomassa jos vaan on mahdollisuus. t. tangohullu :)

    1. Kiitos Ansku :")
      Tango Passion, kuulostaa todella hyvältä - kiitos vinkistä!

  2. Så otroligt läckert. Gillar all textur du lyckats få på denna =)

  3. Hieno!

    Ihanaa uutta vuotta :)

  4. Upeaa, voimakasta punaista!
    Mahtavaa alkanutta vuotta! ;)

  5. so cool!!!

  6. Fabulous! Love the wonderful texture and colour!


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