Inspired by Vermeer

Although the Creative Christmas Calendar started today (yay!), I wouldn't miss this challenge for a world. First day of the month means for me time for another "Inspired by" -challenge. To put it short, Marsha and me challenge one another on monthly basis to create something using different topics. Then we post on same date, the first of the month, at the same time and see what we have made! Here's the link to Marsha's creation for this challenge.

This time the topic was to be inspired by a work of Johannes Vermeer, "Lady Writing a Letter With her Maid". By clicking the link you can see the painting. Vermeer is probably more known for his painting "Girl with a Peal Earring", but I didn't want to choose such an obvious work by him. This painting struck me at once - the composition is great, there's a lot to be inspired by and the topic relates to scrapbooking.

I knew immediately that I wanted to write a letter for A and use it in the layout. I have previously done this kind of page to K, so it would only be fair to make one for A, too. The other thing I knew immediately was the design - it should be on the other half of the page, like the main figures in the painting. Then I started to look the painting more closely, here's the list I made:

- the checked floor (black and white)
- tapestry on the table
- colors: turquoise, green, browns, vibrant, rich red
- folds
- vertical lines
- light leads the eye
- letter
- a lot of different patterns
- wrinkled letter on the floor
- balance on the right side
- dark frame on the background

I also drew a little sketch of the elements in the painting.

Then I gathered the materials that could go to the layout. I chose a paper by 7 Dots Studio for the background. I really wanted to make my own tapestry to be used in the layout. 

So first I stamped a piece of white cardstock with black ink and let it dry. Then I stamped the same image using VersaMark and embossed the image with clear embossing powder. Then I colored the paper using mists. I applied red, brown and a touch of black first and let the colors blend. Then I added a bit more shimmer with blueish red Glimmer Mist. 

Then it was time to think about how I would use my newly created paper on the layout. Because of its great contrast, I wanted to add it behind the photo. I chose to go with this photo of A playing, so the right side would not work. I decided to flip my "sketch". To mimic the light, I cut strips out of vellum and arranged them in sun burst pattern. I also stamped a small amount of grid design underneath the photo to mimic the floor on the painting. I also tried a strip of green paper to the right side of the layout, like the curtain in the painting, but didn't like it a bit.

I definately wanted to use some turquoise in the page, too. Not only because it's my color but because of A's shirt, too. I added some patterned papers to the layout and ink the edges of them. I also stamped a frame to the upper left corner to mimic the frame on the painting. 

I added an envelope for the letter and wrote the title with two sets of alphas. I also glued one sequin floating in the table to the layout.

Then a misting accident happened. Or rather a pourring accident. My Glimmer Mist "Peacock Feathers" is nearly gone so you can't mist with it anymore, but flicking and pourring works just fine. Or should work. I decided to create a small drip on the upper right corner. First I added just a little mist. It stayed just there, didn't run anywhere. Then I tipped the bottle a little more and ended up with mist running underneath the vellum. Um. Ok. Just a little bit more, then. I managed to create that streak going straight off the page. A biiiit moooore... and then it happened - floosh! I tipped the bottle a bit too much and ended up having my clothes, the floor and the table I was working on all in "Peacock Feathers". But, the layout looked absolutely great. After changing my clothes, washing the table and the floor, I was ready to continue.

I added some embellishments to the layout. A flower, some lace and a self made cameo found their place on the layout. I also added a date banner, some sequins and flicks of black mist.

And now run over to Marsha's blog to check out what she has made!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, My Mind's Eye, Ranger, Tattered Angels, ChicTags, Prima Marketing


Creomi said...

Leimattu/embossattu paperi on todella ihastuttava! Upea sivu <3<3<3. Kirjekuori aukeaa nerokkasti.

Jeppula said...

Jotenkin taianomainen sivu, upea!

Anski said...

Ihana! <3

SannaS said...

UPEA sivu!!! =)

Riikka Kovasin said...

Kiitos Creomi :")

Riikka Kovasin said...

Kiitos :")

zenevak said...

Fabulous damask paper that you made. Sorry to hear about your little accident with the Glimmer Mist - it's such a gorgeous colour - it looks great though on the layout.

Riikka Kovasin said...

Thank you :) Yeah, the end result with the accident was better than I dreamed!

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