Are you finding hard to find inspiration to Christmas cards? Not to worry anymore - wonderfull creative Nathalie shows us how you can be inspired by your own home! And you can use this any time! Next time you struggle with a project, look the things around you and remeber this window by Nathalie!

Onko sinulla käynnistymisvaikeuksia joulukorttirumban kanssa? Ei hätää! Idearikas Nathalie opastaa, miten inspiroidut omasta kodistasi! Tätä ideaa voi käyttää koska tahansa - seuraavan kerran kun tuntuu, että luominen on jumissa, katsele ympärillesi ja muistele tätä joulukalenterin ikkunaa!

Hi, my name is Nathalie Kalbach- short Nat - and I’m a Mixed Media Artist living in Hamburg, Germany. To be more precise mostly I live in my n*Studio ;) Mostly in my work I layer texture and dimension and use lot's of paint media in my work. 

I love to teach workshops in which I share my secrets for using paint and ink products to reveal texture, tips and tricks for embedding found objects and embellishments and how to unlock your personal creativity. If you don't find me in my n*studio creating, you can find me chatting with friends, reading or traveling. 

You can read more about me and find my online- and in-person workshop schedules on my blog: http://nathaliesstudio.com/

Home-Inspired Christmas Cards

"I love creating my own Christmas Cards. I used to send out only self created Christmas Cards, but over the years I was just lacking on time, so I usually have a stack printed and send out a couple self created one to close family members. When the time comes to create the cards, I often stumble over the design. I am not a card maker person and sometimes I need a little extra push that let's me create something that is not the usual Christmas or Holiday Card. That is the time where I look around in my home to see if I can draw inspiration from there for a christmas card. 

I have this pillow on the sofa and I thought that this would be a great inspiration for a christmas card. The colors are unusual, but yet the embroidered circles reminded me of christmas ornaments and there it was, the idea for a card. And on top...I used the embroidery floss that I got from my great aunt and therefore this card will be her christmas card ;) 

Take a look around in your home and see what could inspire you for a christmas card design. Wether it be the fabric of a pillow, placemat or tablecloth or some painting or decoration item on your wall...inspiration can be drawn on so many levels for your cards: colors, patterns and texture. Just open your eyes for the wonders in your home! 

I wish you wonderful and happy holidays!"


  1. Great idea Nat! I'm in a 'circle phase' lately and I love your embroidered circles.

  2. I really like the colors - unusual as you said, but lovely!

  3. Wow, what an amazing card, so different! And I love the idea of being inspired by your surroundings :)


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