What device you are going to use to record this Holiday? Camera, your senses or maybe your phone? Today's window is by the sweet Janna! She made an inspiring article about Instagram and how it enrichens crafting! 

Millä sinä ajattelit ikuistaa tämän joulun? Kameralla, aisteillasi vai kenties pihelimellasi? Tänään vuorossa on mahtava Janna ja hänen innostava artikkelinsa Instagramista ja sen mahdollisuuksista skräppimaailmassa!

My name is Janna, I am a 33 year old paper crafts and mixed media artist from Germany. I grew up in Oldenburg (Oldbg.) and moved back after living in Leipzig for 6 years. I am a “real” Northern German girl, treasuring the flat country and a cup of tea in the afternoon :-) 

I live in a house with a small garden and a pond, together with my Danish husband Jesper, our dog Sindri, two rabbits and a few “foster”goldfish. I spend a lot of time in my studio which is in the first floor of our house. Here is where I craft, paint, take photos and work on the computer. 

My love for paper crafts and mixed media art evolved in 2010 when a friend introduced me to scrapbooking. Since then I have been working together with well-known papercrafting companies and artists. Furthermore I am teaching scrapbooking and mixed media online classes and in-person workshops and am the chief editor of the German magazine “scrapperin“. 

I started my blog in June 2010. Originally it was called “Papiersalat und Wollmäuse” and was ment to be a blog about my papercrafting and sewing adventures. As it turned out, I am too impatient for sewing and the “Wollmäuse” (dust bunnies) were promptly decomissioned. Papiersalat is now a place where I share comissioned and “just for fun” work, as well as cooperations, private insights, tutorials, videos and art.

blog: www.jannawerner.de instagram: jannawerner email: janna@jannawerner.de

Are you ´gramming?! 
How Instagram can enrich your crafting.
by Janna Werner

"Hi and welcome to another window of Paperiliitin´s Creative Christmas Calendar! Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite „apps“ (application for smart phones) ever: Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing service that allows you to take photos with your smart phone/iPad and upload it to a stream. You can even edit your photos... but first things first!

If you are new to Instagram, you start with creating a profile (mine is called jannawerner). You can add your website info, profile pic and a text about you. Other Instagram users can follow you by clicking „follow“ in your profile. And of course you can follow other ´grammers as well. If you like a photo of a co-grammer, you can double click the photo and the publisher will see that you liked it. You can even comment on that photo – awesome, isn´t it? You´ll see, there is a lot of chatting going on on Instagram!

After creating a profile, it´s time to upload your first photo! You can either take a new one or use a photo from your archieves. Instagram allows you to add 18 different filters and also to upload the picture to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumbler or send it via email.

But how is Instagram going to enrich your crafting, you ask?! Well, here is the answer! Lots of crafters are using Instagram to share their projects and to share inspiration with their followers. Even Scrapbooking companies like Studio Calico, Glitz Design, Heidi Swapp and many more love to tease their followers with sneak peeks and behind the scenes pictures! Furthermore you will find stars, fashionistas and interior designers who upload tons and tons of inspirational photos. Whether it´s a color scheme you are looking for or a theme for your next project. If this ain´t enough, you might want to join one of the dozens of Instagram challenges, for example fatmumslim´s „photo a day“ challenge. Each day is assigned to a special theme and you take a picture that incorporates the theme of the day. Like this, you automatically document your everyday life and have fun things to remember. Now you only need to print your photos and use them on your scrapbooking page, in your album or mixed media project!

Here is an example of how I incorporated an Instagram photo (and the „photo a day“ challenge“) in one of my scrapbooking pages: 

Are you already ´gramming?! Then leave your username in the comment section below and tell us, what you like best about Instagram. If you are not ´gramming yet, let us know what you do to stay inspired! 

See you around, 
Janna :-*"


  1. Thank you Janna for this post, I loved it! I am quite a new 'grammer but already seeing the possibilities it has for crafers :)!

  2. Love the layout! I can't get instagram in my phone, it's not available for Nokia, so I envy those who can use it, haha :D

    1. Minäkin olen Instagram-kade :D


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