Welcome to the second day of the Creative Christmas Calendar! Have you already made an advent calendar? There's still time to do one! Els made her calendar for her children, but something this beautiful would be fun to open yourself, too. If you are missing some lovely embellishments for the calendar, I urge you to come back a bit later today ;)

Tervetuloa toiseen luukkuun! Onko joulukalenteri jo tehtynä? Vielä ehtii hyvin, ei ole kuin muutama päivä mennyt. Els teki oman kalenterinsa lapsilleen, mutta näin kaunista kalenteria availisi mielellään itsekin! Jos omasta kalenteristasi puuttuu koristeita, kannattaa palata kurkkimaan tänne blogiin illemmalla ;)

Hi, I’m Els Brigé, a Belgian scrapbooker and card maker. I’m a mom of two young children. I’ve always had a huge passion for paper and office supplies. About 4 years ago, shortly after my daughter was born, I started card making and scrapbooking. To say I’m addicted would be an understatement. Most of the time my kids are my biggest inspiration to craft. It’s an honor to be here on Riikka’s blog today and to be able to take part in her fabulous Christmas Calendar.

"Every year I make some kind of an Advent Calendar for my kids to count down the days to Christmas. To see their surprised faces every morning when they open their box, bag or window is sheer joy. This year I chose to work with glassine bags. Every bag has a little treat or a small present inside, like some chocolates or cookies, some much needed new markers for the girl, some stickers or another small toy. Since both my kids are still small and can’t read yet, I stick to these fun treats.

All the bags are closed with some grey diagonal striped masking tape. On top of the masking tape I added some patterned paper strips, stickers, and the number. For the decoration of the bags, I chose to go with some non-traditional colors this year. But by adding some elements like stars, snowflakes, and some sparkle, I tried to create a bit of a holiday spirit anyways."


  1. Delicate and beautiful. Thank you!

  2. I wish I was a kid again - finding a lovely bag like this waiting for me every day... Beautiful!

  3. These are just gorgeous! Love the idea. So sweet!

  4. wonderful idea!! so pretty!! =)

  5. What a beautiful calendar!

  6. wonderful idea!! so pretty!! =)

  7. Lovely calendar, it looks so beautiful. I love all the small details in it.


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