To many traditions are important part of Christmas. Agata records one sweet tradition in her charming layout. What is your Christmas tradition and have you recorded that one yet?

Perinteet ovat monelle tärkeä osa joulua. Agata ammentaa tuosta ajatuksesta ja on tehnyt siitä hurmaavan skräppisivun. Joko sinä olet skräpännyt tai muuten tallentanut omat perinteesi?

Hello! My name is Agata and I live and scrap in Switzerland on the Geneva Lake shore. I am married to a wonderful man and we have two beautiful children. They're my everyday inspiration for layouts and other stuff. I started scrapbooking in 2006, shortly before my son was born. I also like cardmaking but layouts do count most!

"Since I became a mother, Christmas traditions are more and more important to me. I try to install our own traditions and this makes me remember things I did as a child. These are sweet memories and I want those moments to become precious to my children. 

The layout is about the thing I love doing most with my kids: baking cookies. Last year my daughter took part in it for the first time so actively and she had tons of fun! I believe you can tell from her expression in the first picture. She loved every part of it: working with the dough, spreading, cutting and decorating. And this makes me happy because the tradition continues."


Unknown said...

Hi Riikka! Thanks so much for including me in your gorgeous calendar!!! I love how you've put some dots behind my layout, works so good together!

Anski said...

Such a beautiful layout! Lovely photos too! :)

Anonymous said...

so lovely!!!

Unknown said...


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