Embrace Imperfection - YouTube live announcement

Hello! It's a new week and new set of posts! While Easter caused some changes to the schedule, I'm now back to normal with posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the last being a process video post. 

Today the post is about something happening later in the week as it's a YouTube live announcement post! This coming Saturday I'm re-creating this art journal spread - or at least something like it. As you can see from the main photo and the add below, I'm mainly using black and white. I also create tactile texture in a couple of ways as well as visual texture and pattern. 

As usual, I've listed the materials underneath the next photo. Links go to manufacturer sites. I hope you find the list handy, if you want to create along side or just check a stamp or a color.

Hope you can join me on Saturday! Thank you for stopping by today!

(links to manufacturer sites)

previously made papers - India ink bubbles and embossed, inked letters
self cut little rings and the left over
white cotton tape
India ink
tiny cardboard tube
brush tip markers
washi tape, wire
craft glue, double sided tape
scissors, paper cutter, stapler, brushes, palette knife, heat tool

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