Replace fear with curiosity - FB live recording

Moikka moi! Yesterday I blogged a Finnish Facebook live recording and today I have the English version! Not the same project, though, but an art journal spread. Funny I should write that because I've never even thought to use the same project in both lives! That of course would be easier for me, but not as nearly fun for you guys. So, I keep my thing and make two projects during those months I make Finnish live. 

This project I created last Saturday. Quite an easy peasy, but still fun. Like I say in the beginning of the recording, it was inspired by an earlier art journal page where I used a letter from my great aunt as the background. What I also say in the beginning is that I wrote some misinformation to the announcement post or rather the add in it. I typed that I'd use both dye and pigment ink where indeed I only used different dye inks. Sorry about that! You can see the announcement post here (link).

I'm going to use that same butterfly stamp in the June live project. I thought it might be fun to continue some of the materials to another project. I also altered my original idea and used the watercolor pencils in it! But more about that in June, when I announce the live. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday! 

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Materials: Ranger, Stampers Anonymous, PaperArtsy

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