Nothing is impossible - FB live announcement

Hiya people! I might have hinted about it already, but this coming Saturday is time for another FB live and this time it's in English! I'm re-doing this art journal spread.

I'm using both dye and pigment inks while making this page and throw also a ball point pen in the mix. I'm coloring using the ink besides stamping and shall add some tapes to the page as well. Should you wish to create alongside me, please see the materials list a bit further down the post. That list is out of products I used to make the sample spread, but of course you can choose other colors or even other brands! The links in the list go to the manufacturer sites. 

The inspiration for this spread came actually from an older project where I used a hand written letter as the background layer. I just loved the look of it and decided to re-create something inspired by that page. Like I shall say during the live, here the background is written by me and could be a great way to add journaling to the page, but in the inspiration piece it was actually letter I'd received. A totally different way to keep the memories and memorabilia! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing to see you on Saturday!

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