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Hi there and happy new week! It's the last day of January and then my favorite month begins! I love winter time but I also love the ever increasing amount of light February brings here in Helsinki. The evenings are still dark enough for candles but during the day there's more than just two hours of sunlight. Ah! 

While spring starts here more like in late March or even April, the amount of light draws my thoughts to spring. And that was the inspiration behind this little project I re-created during the first FB live of the year. There's the tulips growing from the snow drifts and the whole base is like a birdhouse. If you want to see the announcement post, here's the link (link). You can see more pictures of the sample project there. Like I say during the live, I altered the project a little bit from the sample I made. You can see the two versions underneath the live recording.

I'm still not quite sure which one I prefer! I love the yellow flowers on the sample, but then again the different color to the base of the house looks cool, too. Maybe a mash up would be the thing? Like using the yellow tulips but the base layers from the pink flowery one. It also might be that every year about this time I get an urge for yellow, each spring. During any other season I'm not drawn to that color in shops, but this time - always. 

If you want to see a list of materials, please see the announcement post (link). There's even links to manufacturer's sites. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely start to the week!

Materials: PaperArtsy, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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Hyvänen aika miten suloisia ja ihania.

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