Mirror, mirror on the wall - Finnabair Brand Ambassador

Moikka moi! Molds, metals, and texture – what a divine combination! That's the theme of this month's Finnabair Brand Ambassador post. You can see the original post here (link) with some amazing makes!

I made this assemblage on the cover of my journal. The inspiration, besides the great combo of products set by the theme, was the movie “Snow White and The Huntsman”. The big frame drew my thoughts to the magic mirror and to the character of the Queen, who in the course of the film turns into crows and whose dress is ornated with bird skulls. The color combo of blue, brown, and black was also partly inspired by the movie, partly by my current favorite palette of blue and brown.

I used three molds to make the embellishments used in the cover. “Grungy Frames” for the big frame, “Birds and Bats” for the bird skull focal point and “Cogs and Wings” for the feathered wings underneath the butterfly wings. The frame is cast using air-drying clay, but the smaller embellishments I did using hot glue.

For the metal elements part I used embellishments from different Mechanicals packages and added one found piece in there, too. I highlighted the texture of the embellishments using a wax and added some texture to the background using Modeling Paste.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day and stay safe everyone!

Materials from Finnabair line:
(links go to Mixed Media Place, Finnabair's own shop)

Finnabair journal
Mechanicals Plate and Label
Mechanicals Rustic Washers

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