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Fri-yay! And you know what that means? A process video! This time I have a mixed media assemblage art journal cover for you. I hope you like it!

I did this assemblage on top of the cover of the Grafix Mixed Media Journal. I've shared two previous videos with the journal, creating the pages inside, so I thought the cover ought to have some decoration, too. In case you want to see the other two videos, you can find the first one here (link) and the second here (link). On those two I've worked on top of the plastic surfaces of Grafix's, but with this journal cover I'm working on top of a chipboard piece.

As you can see from the video below, I start the cover by adding flat layers. I make a small collage using old book paper and then start to add more dimensional layers on top. First some tea bags and lace and then from flatter metal embellishments to more dimensional ones. This way everything flows together and I highlight the center of attention, gradually pulling the eye in. 

What also pulls the gaze to the center is the color contrast. The cluster is the darkest area and has the strongest contrast against the white wax highlighting the edges and on the other hand the neutral background. To color the composition I used some ink sprays but also acrylics. The water-based dye sprays won't grab onto the metals without a primer so I added some hints of color to them using Liquid acrylics. Please see the video below to see me working!

Although my "go to" color scheme is blues and greens, I enjoy these tea tones with pink and yellow so much. The warm scheme makes me feel all fuzzy inside and in my opinion fits the vintage paper tones so well. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Grafix, Tim Holtz, Aladine

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