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Moi! Today I'm sharing my take on the Art Daily Cafe's December theme of “Frozen Fractals” and assemblage. To tell you the truth, I was first struggling with the topic even though I love winter! Luckily, I was cleaning my stash a little and found this wooden snowflake amid my stored supplies. It then resulted WHERE I would do my assemblage!

As the snowflake piece was somewhat big, I could use it as my base for the assemblage. It also reminded me of a lace doily and turned my thoughts to dreamcatchers, so I decided to combine the two. I added my decorations to the middle and then threaded several ribbons through the tips of the snowflake to make a trail for it.

To have that frozen feeling to the piece I used White Crackle Paste to coat the snowflake. The crackle effect also somehow fits to fractals in my mind. Also, to add to the winter theme I added some golden glittered faux pinecones to the assemblage. Those, together with flower Mechanicals, make up the dimensional layers of the composition. The flatter layers underneath them are made using gears and cogs from the Mechanicals.

I mostly used blue and gold from the color palette given to us adding also white to it. But there’s hints of yellow in the piece, just small touches of Lemon Peel acrylic paint here and there. You can’t probably see those in the main picture, but they are visible from the detail shots.

Thank you for your visit today! Hopefully you're having a beautiful weather and nice frozen fractals if you prefer them or sunshine and warmth if that's your thing! While writing this, we have almost -20 degrees Celsius here in Helsinki!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli

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