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Fri-yay! And you know what Friday means? Well, start of the weekend, yes, but also there's a new process video on my YouTube channel! I schedule the videos go live there the moment Friday starts but here in the blog I'm sharing the video during the evening, both in Finnish time. 

This time I made an art journal page. For that I used the stencils that I received in an ATC swap recently. They are from PM artist Studio. I've shared some projects already, but thought to make one with a video, too. I use the stencils to pattern the background and then hide that partly so it's more like a "peek-a-boo" game with the grid design on top.

The pattern I used with white to make layers to the background, reminded me of coffee beans. And the grid design I then stamped on top made me think about Fazer's blue - an iconic Finnish chocolate bar. Together and combined with the ladies on the vintage die cut I started thinking after noon tea. Like they seem to drink in Agatha Christie's novels. 

As you can probably see from the process video below, I don't plan my art journal pages far ahead. I have a general idea what to create when I start and then let the project lead me. Like in this case I fell in love with the grid design so much that I decided to let it run across the background and even hid parts of the pattern so the stamped image creates a window like motif. In my book, you can't be afraid to cover something while making an art journal page like this. 

Yes, I know the title in the page is spelled wrong - it should be stories. I knew that in the time I was making the page, but finding the proper ending from the word stickers wasn't easy and I didn't want to use several words just to get the right letters... So instead I thought to cut corners and just added an S to the end. Evil me.

Thank you for stopping by today! I wish you the best of weekends! Oh, and don't forget the live tomorrow!

Materials: PM artist Studio, PaperArtsy, Tim Holtz, Ranger, Prima Marketing, Posca, A.B. Studio

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