The Count - Finnabair Brand Ambassador

Can I introduce you to the Count? …or rather his casket. The Count has a guarding eye while he sleeps to keep him safe and unharmed. Besides the eye his casket is decorated with gears, a skull, and bones. While there’s some glittery red blood on the casket, I’m not totally sure this is spooky… A touch eerie, maybe?

This project was made inspired by the Finnabair Brand Ambassador post theme "Spooky Bloody Crafts". I was thinking what to do when I came across that little casket box. A perfect start to the project!

I decorated the little wooden casket using different Finnabair mediums. First, I created some texture to the piece using hot glue. I also used glue to mould the embellishments. To adhere everything in place I used Heavy Body Gel. After it had dried, I painted the casket with black gesso, then with various Art Alchemy paints and then dry brushed some white. I made a glittery “blood” by mixing red glitter to Liquid Acrylic. I finished the piece with some matte wax to make the casket look a bit older.

If you want to see how I made the eye, please check out this Facebook Live recording (link). I make a similar eye there only with fewer mediums. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you an excellent day!

Materials from the Finnabair line:

Art Basics Heavy Gesso Black
Art Basics Heavy Gesso White
Art Basics Heavy Body Gel 
Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint Romance Pink 
Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint Amethyst 
Art Alchemy Liquid acrylic paint Carmine 
Art Alchemy Matte Wax Stained Wood 
Art Ingredients glitter set Crimson 
Art Ingredients Melange Art Pebbles 
Finnabair Mechanicals Old Plates 
Finnabair Mechanicals Woodland Leaves 
Finnabair Mechanicals Rusty Knobs 
Finnabair Mechanicals Hardware Accents
Finnabair Mechanicals Machine Parts 
Finnabair mould Birds and Bats 
Finnabair mould Wings and Bones 
Finnabair mould Skull and Bones 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli, Tim Holtz

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