Halloween lanterns - FB live recording

Halloween theme continues! A bit more than a week ago I kept a Facebook live where I created some fun Halloween lanterns. If you were unable to watch the live then, today I'm sharing the recording. You can see the announcement post of the live here (link). There's also the list of the Finnabair materials I used to make these.

The lanterns are made on top of glass jars. There's some red and yellow tissue paper on them, adhered using Liquid acrylic. The paint colors the glass so it looks like it would be colored glass. On top I then made a pattern using black gesso and a bigger embellishment using cardstock and either a moulded element or one made from a Pebble. Please see the process from underneath!

Like I say during the recording - these are easily transformed into winter lanterns or Christmas versions or for any occasion for that matter. Just change the colors and embellishments! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Please be back tomorrow as then a new Trio starts!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli

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