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Hello there! Long time no see! I had a busy week at work last week and then there was Midsummer, so I skipped a week. But today I'm sharing a journal project I made for Paper Garden team with you. I used several Paper Garden goodies in the making of this page. Like usually, I also recorded a video while working on the project. The video was published already last Friday on my YouTube channel.

I started this page by collaging some pieces of paper to my journal. When I journal, I hardly ever have an idea where I am going with the project or what I want to achieve. I let the project guide me. I might have the focal point chosen when I start or then I find out even that later. It is all a really free flow process for me. This page already had some markings on it when I was cleaning my stencil from an earlier page and I did not want to totally cover them. Thus, I collaged just some pieces to the page rather than covered the whole thing. After I had those papers in there, I followed the color scheme they set and the air they had and chose to add inks two ways to the page. The stamped texture binds the individual pieces better together and watercolor-like added ink gives the background a hint of color.

Like my process, adding ink with a piece of plastic gives varying results. As I am not totally in the control of the journaling process, I am definitely not in control how the smudge with the ink appears. I really love that freedom, that going with the moment and letting go. While you could paint the ink to the background, this way the look is even more haphazard as you cannot control where the streaks of ink go as you would with a brush. If you haven’t tried this technique before, I urge you to give it a go! It might be a breath of fresh air. Or it could be a stress factor you do not want when you are journaling. But trying something new might make you realize something about yourself as a journaler, too.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant day!

Materials from Paper Garden:

Materials: Paper Garden, Prima Marketing, Kuusade

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