Peek-a-boo cats


Hiya there! Today I'm sharing something experimental for me. Back in the day when I was around ten or so, I attended some art classes and did also linocuts. These cats, however, are not linocuts but self carved stamps but I mimicked the lino feel with them. 

I carved three stamps, one of the cat, one of the vase and one with the background. As you can see, I did not carve the vase area away from the cat as I wanted a see through effect to the vase. The color layers are not perfect, but I guess you can still see the color layers in there. 

I used Archival Ink when doing the stamping and altered the colors between prints. I then added some details using Posca paint markers - like the eyes, whiskers and some stripes to the cat and a flower to the vase.

This was a fun little exercise! Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a sweet Thursday! 

Materials: Ranger, Posca, Sinelli

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