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Moikka! Today I'm sharing my take on the February Finnabair Brand Ambassador Spotlight. You can see the original post here (link) with wonderful projects by Aga Baraniak, Vasilis Kontos, Kasia Bogatko and me. The topic was "Impasto in my life". 

I usually use Finnabair Impasto paints like normal acrylic paints – making layers, stenciling or painting smooth layers. But this time I wanted to try them in impasto technique and instead of a paintbrush I applied them to my painting using a palette knife. 

I started the piece by painting the whole canvas black using black gesso. Then I added some Liquid acrylic “Prussian Blue” on top. While it’s translucent, you can still see how some areas of the canvas seem to be a really dark blue instead of just black. I also painted a golden circle with “Ancient Coin” to the center of the canvas and then started to make the chrysanthemum on top. 

I mixed quite a few different colors of Impasto in the bloom. I tried to convey an illusion of dimensional bloom but as this was my first go, it didn’t come out perfect. But I had a lot of fun trying out something I haven’t done before! After finishing the bloom part I then added the stem, the leaves and some pattern to the background. 

When choosing what to paint with this technique, I googled some examples quickly and came across with beautiful landscapes and gorgeous blooms. The chrysanthemum spoke to me as it was the favorite flower of my late grandmother. Even though she preferred white ones, I made mine with pinks as I thought it might be easier than white as the first go. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a nice new week and sunny March! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Posca

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