Never fear your own voice - Finnabair Ambassador post

Hi there! It's start of a new month! It means also a new post and theme for Finnabair Ambassador post. This time the theme was “Back to the past” and Liquid acrylics. 

For the theme I took an actual look at the past. I checked what project I had blogged about five years ago. Around this time five years ago I had made some ATCs (link) so I decided to follow on those lines. 

I took several elements from that previous set but changed a lot, too. Like these cards started with a neutral color scheme but I added some of the turquoise and blue on top, inspired by the older set. Where the old set had lace and flowers, I used metal leaves and screws in these ones. But both of the sets have circular focal point of persons – a set of flair buttons about Marie Antoinette in the old version and some self-made cabochon styled embellishments in the new version. 

For coloring I used the Liquid acrylics. I mixed three colors – Deep Turquoise, Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna in my backgrounds. I used the Deep Turquoise also to color some dot stickers to match the palette as they were too pale of a shade of turquoise to begin with. The white splashes on top are done using white gesso, but I could have used “Titanium White” Liquid acrylic instead. 

As always with my ATCs, I’m happy to send these on their way. If you’d like to receive one or swap one, please send me an email (rkovasin (A) gmail.com). 

Thank you for stopping by today! All the best! 


Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Craft O'Clock, Aladine

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