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Moikka! Today I'm sharing my other piece for the masculine theme at WOW! Embossing Powder blog. Like I wrote earlier (link), my both makes have a vintage photo in them. Whereas the first man was maybe a sheriff, in this version I was thinking of a lumberjack. 

I really like to make dimensional projects. This time I didn't go with Melt-It as it would be a bit dull for you to see the same technique two times, right? But instead I used an embossing folder to texture a thick layer of powder. I also created some moss details with the powders and coated the whole background with a thick layer of powders of different colours. 

Like you can see from the video below, I started this project by making two pieces of wood. They are cut out of coasters and then I just add a thick coat of embossing powder on top to turn them into pieces of wood. The die I used comes with an embossing folder and you can use that to texture molten embossing powder. I also wanted to add extra texture to the bark of the tree rings so I mixed some "Texture" powder to my mix of two embossing powders. "Texture" was previously part of the "Changers" set, but now you can get all of them individually! 

I used the same "Texture" powder also in my background when I tried to mimic moss. That powder really makes it easy to create a varying layer of different colours! Please see the powders in use in the video below. 

Did you watch the video all the way to the end? There's a fun little detail in there, just before the project is finished. Because you can use the ability to heat metal to your advantage if your applying powders to such a surface. I treated a tiny paperclip with powders to better match it to my overall color scheme. You could ink such a detail, too, but this time it wasn't necessary as I could simply heat the clip and then sprinkled the powder on. 

I hope you liked the process video with the little tips! Thank you for stopping by today! Ta ta for now!

Materials used in this make:

Art Daily Vintage Photobooth and Sentiments sticker pad
Sizzix Tree Rings (664232)
Finnabair Heavy Body Gel, Mechanicals

Materials: WOW! Embossing Powder, Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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