Be in the moment - Prima Marketing Facebook live

Moikka and sweet Monday! It's last day of August so I just made it in time to share this project I made durind a Facebook live in the same month as the live was! It's also my last live project as a Prima Marketing design team member. You can see more photos and the materials list in the announcement post (link).

As you can see from the recording above, I had my share of difficulties during the live. I should have re-made the white version, not the black! But I got it done and hopefully you can make out the process even though the focus is off quite a bit. 

Underneath is a photo of all the three projects with the same techniques. The only difference between the blacks and the white one is the color scheme - using white gesso instead of black and tea tones instead of blues. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a pleasant start to the new week. 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli, Konsta Shop

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