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Hi there and great Tuesday! I'm sharing my take on the Art Daily Cafe's theme of the month about time, cobalt blue and brushed background. I can’t wait to see how others interpret the theme! You can see the theme post here (link) and my original post at Art Daily Cafe here (link). Here's also a link to Anat Weksler's post with the same theme (link).

The first inspiration for me came from the brushed background. While I use gesso or acrylic paint in my backgrounds a lot, I usually apply them using a silicone brush rather than a paintbrush and try to get a smooth surface for the layers coming on top. This time I wanted the background to have visible brush strokes in it. I first tore a couple pieces of cobalt blue add from a magazine and adhered them to my background. They were kind of a way to break the blank page. If you still could see them underneath everything before reading this, my hat’s off to you!

On top I then started to add random strokes with Cobalt Impasto paint and white gesso. This time I didn’t want the paint layers to mix much, so the background started to resemble a patchwork quilt. But it was just the first layers. 

After the paints had dried, I started adding more layers to the background by stenciling clock design to the spread, collaging some tissue paper in there, drawing marks with paint markers and also adding stamping here and there. I chose stamp elements that somehow connected to time – a clock, random numbers, moons and old text. 

On top of it all I scripted some thoughts about this time, overlapping the text so that it became unreadable. I placed the text running across the pages and added a couple of lines on top – making a kind of a timeline. On the other page I placed a sticker “future” and to the other “time” and wrote “now” on top of it. They echo the idea that the future starts now, now’s the time to make the future we want. 

Thank you for stopping by today! All the best! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Posca, SnipArt

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