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Moikka and happy Wednesday! Happy news for all of us today! Creative JumpStart is now on special offer until end of the month! So if you are stuck inside, looking for some inspiration to get you going and creating, here's your chance! 

Are you familiar with Creative JumpStart? It's a one-of-a-kind online event to kick your creativity through video tutorials arranged by Nathalie Kalbach. The Creative JumpStart, or CJS, is about learning techniques, discovering new materials, and connecting with other artists and crafters. The course runs on daily posts during January, but is after that available for the whole year to be used. So even if it's April, you can still join to get inspiration and ideas. All the videos are downloadable and there's a variety of different artists involved each year. 

This years topic was Super Power. Nathalie wanted us to think about what's our super power connected to crafting and share it with you. I knew immediately I had to go with "speed" as so many have said that I'm such a speedy crafter. So in my segment I talk about speed and how to "speed things up", if you want.

I'm sharing my project in this post but naturally won't tell how I did it or what my tricks to gather speed are. For those, you need to enroll to the workshop! And that you can do here (link)! The link is an affiliate version so if you use that for your purchase, I get a little commission.

Thank you for stopping by today! All the best to you and be safe!

Materials: Prima Marketing, N* Studio

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