December in Joensuu - Paper Garden

Sweet Tuesday! There's no snow in sight, still, here in southern Finland, but such was the case when I created this project for Paper Garden for their advent calendar. One can only dream! For this page I found inspiration not only from the lovely vintage goodies of Paper Garden but also from the picture of the little skier.

When I do a journal page, I usually have a theme or a mood in my mind I want to get across. This time my thought when I started was to create a pale, winter themed page or spread. After that I let the materials and process lead me. With this spread it was easy as the little skier fit to my original idea so well, so I just needed to create an interesting background for him. 

I played with almost “white on white” in this spread as I toned the collaged vintage papers down using white gesso. It hides the bigger contrasts but still lets the patterns to show through. You can still see the text but it’s more in the background, taking a supporting role rather than being the star. On top of the collaged layer I then created a dimensional pattern using stencil and a pearly effect paste, Icing Paste.

The main composition is made out of a doily and the skier, but I wanted to break down the whiteness a little using washi tape. This creates a wonderful little backdrop for the skier without being too overwhelming. I also used the washi tape in the layer below the doily to kind of ground my composition to the page. If you want to see how the spread was made, please see the video below!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant day!

Materials from Paper Garden:

Prima Marketing – Art Basics Heavy Gesso White
Prima Marketing – Art Basics Soft Matte Gel 
Prima Marketing – Art Extravagance Icing Paste Frosty Pearl

Materials: Prima Marketing, Paper Garden, Lala and Poo

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