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Rosebud! I guess you all know the famous snow globe scene of Citizen Kane with a little cottage inside the globe and the word uttered when the decoration fells. I wasn’t actually inspired by the film nor the scene, but when I thought about a memorable snow globe, I realized that this one could be named “Rosebud” because of the pink roses inside! There’s no sled, though.

This little decoration is actually made using a Julie Nutting packaging! There’s no water inside, but I did add some glitter and glass beads in there, so you can shake the decoration and get a bit like snowfall feel. Instead of adding a snowy scenery inside, I made with Dulce inspired sweetness of snow and pink roses!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a sweet day! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sizzix

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Purple Diva 6 said...

This is so very pretty. I have wanted to make snow domes in the past but never found a good tutorial, maybe now it's time. Thankyou for sharing...💕

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