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Moikka! It's been quite some time when I last showed my little nook of creativity so I thought to do so now. I don't have a craft room, but craft in the corner of our living room. If you want to take a trip down the memory lane, here's a post from 2013 (link) with some photos of the space and here another post from 2015 (link)

So, first of all, welcome! Our living room is divided into two by the linen colored sofa you can see in the bottom right corner of the photo above. In front of it is the common area, so to say, with television, small table and an armchair, and behind is my realm. There's also the dining table in the living room, which usually has my computer on it and on top of which I make my videos. The walls hold works from friends, by my husband and some of my own as well. The dominating thing on the wall is a red wedding kimono we brought back from Kyoto, part of it showing in the photo on top.

All other mediums than my inks are kept in two Ikea trolleys (RÃ¥skog) which you can see in the photo on top of the post. There's also my brushes in the top shelf of the other as well as Impasto paints and Icing Pastes. On top of the other lay all the Art Alchemy paints, gel mediums and gessos by Finnabair. The two second layer keep Mica, texture pastes, some acrylic paints and in the bottom layer there's my paint rags, glitters, Micro Beads and equivalent. Filled with mediums, they are. 

The biggest piece of furniture in the space is a Ikea shelving unit (Expedit), which has trays for patterned papers, little bureaus for stamps and big box for all things to be altered. There's eight spaces in the shelving. Three of those are more or less occupied by papers, one with various ephemera for altered things, one with Prima blooms and another with Prima embellishments. The two rest have  little drawers filled with stamps. On top of the shelving stands my Big Shot Plus machine and two magazine files - one filled with dies, the other with AALL stamps. 

While the shelving unit might be the biggest, the most important piece of furniture is the bureau with the folding table. It's made by my grandfather and it has been in my craft space for the longest time (as you can see from the 2013 post!). First it hold EVERYTHING but as my stash grew bigger and bigger, I couldn't fit everything inside of it any more. But the bureau still holds most of my inks, the basic supplies like scissors and double sided tape rolls, bottles of Tacky Glue, pens and a stapler. On top of the bureau there's two wire baskets that have Art Daily supplies and watercolors, a 7Gypsies wooden box with Prima concentrated watercolors and a small chest of drawers (Moppe). The last holds my washi tapes, flair buttons and various ephemera. The two paper bags on top hold my WOW! embossing powders. 

One of the best parts of my space is the huge window which brings a lot of natural light to the space. Well, brings when there's light outside that is! During the summer time I can almost film and take photos around the clock as the days are long. During the winter time it's completely opposite - I need to plan carefully when to film and take photos in order to have use of the natural light. I take most of my photos in front of the big window, on top of the craft mat. I just stage it differently. My newest thing for the photos is a board of wood panels my husband did for me. You can see that peeking on the left side of the photo on top of the post.

Although the space isn't big, I find it really great and it works for me. Whenever I'm crafting, I'm kind of in the smack center of our apartment and can then keep an eye on my two daughters, chat with them as well as my husband and well, be on the pulse of the family. My hobby is quite clearly to be seen around the house, but still if we have guests, I can have the living room tidy as everything has its own place. And usually that's the way I like to keep the space. After a day of creating or sometimes even after every project I clean things to their own place so it's easy to start creating again. I find this really easy and like to start from a clean table. 

The other thing that the size of the space and placement of it effects is the amount of stash I can have. I'm fortunate enough to belong to a few teams and thus need to have certain amount of products, but I try to keep my stash to the minimum and always tidy up and give away older supplies when I receive or buy new ones. 

There's two little videos underneath I did to show the space. The first one is just a quick glimpse to the space and the second one is a recording of a Facebook Live I did just before leaving to Creativeworld. 

If you'd like to see something in particular or would like to know more, please fire away! If there's a lot of interest, I could do another Facebook live, too! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Don't forget the Facebook live this evening (link), at Prima's Facebook page!

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