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Hello there and welcome if this is your first visit here! If you are a regular visitor - welcome anyhow! So nice to see you! Yesterday Finnabair announced her new ambassador team and I'm honored to say that I'm still a part of the team. Yay! The line up is really amazing, so if you want to see them all, please visit Finnabair's blog (link) or see my instagram. 

The ambassadors are going to be introduced in a couple of posts so you get to know them all if you don't already do. The introduction is done through five objects or things that represent each ambassador. Something that's inspiring, something that we always go for, something we use to spark our ideas... So if you want to learn my five things, please see below. 

I also want to take this opportunity to tip you about a Finnabair giveaway on Facebook (link)! You still have some time to participate! 

Like I wrote in the Finnabair's blog, this was an interesting assignment! Some of the items were easy, some needed more pondering and like always, limiting to just five caused the biggest problem! I decided to go with my gut feel on this and even though I was tempted to go for mediums and such, I wanted to share somethting that might be more hidden, something that you don't see through the pieces I make. 

The first item shown here above was actually the first item that came to my mind. It doesn't look like much, but it's been a key object in my creating for almost nine years. It's a small photo folder where I store those pictures I want to or am going to scrap. There's always some photos of my girls, my husband and me, just in case I need to do a page about one of us and don't need a specific photo, but also there's the pictures with stories I need to document. Like these pictures, most of the pictures inside the folder are black and white as I then can use any color scheme to the make. 

The second item is connected to many of my projects. I'm much too impatient to let projects air dry and use a heat tool whenever possible. Quickly thinking there's only two mediums I let air dry - Modeling Paste and gel medium.

Whenever I'm doing a assemblage, I try to do it really late in the evening so I can leave it to dry overnight. Otherwise I will be poking the objects in the piece and saying "are you dry yet?" all the time.

The third item is a necklace I did some time ago (link). It represents my love for ravens or crows and also my love for black gesso and trying things. I absolutely love to push my boundaries every now and then, to experiment and try something new.

I also prefer black gesso over the white nowadays as it seems that the black background really makes the colors sing. And I guess I'm a goth of some sort, wearing only black, listening to metal and really appreciating the look of totally black ravens and crows. 

The fourth photo is a detail of an altered painter's palette I did (link). It's here to show my attraction to bibs and bobs and gathered ephemera. The big bird is a Christmas decoration, there's a clock face, bottle caps and plastic juice caps... I currently have two drawers full of items I can alter or add to assemblages. I try to go through them once a year so that the amount of stuff doesn't become overwhelming. I really should make time to do it as the drawers are almost overflowing already!

The picture also shows a clock face which represents the time. I'm a total night owl and would go to bed around 2 or 3 am and sleep until 10 am if that would be possible. Instead I try to be bed around midnight as I need to get up at 7 am. 

The fifth photo... well, that isn't an object as such. It's my creative space or a part of it. I'm crafting in our living room, near a huge window, behind the sofa. The place is so important to me as that allows me to create near my family during the day. 

Our living room is in the center of the apartment so from my craft table I'm seeing and hearing the whole home. I can start a project after dinner when kids are playing and then continue during the night. 

Nowadays my dear hobby also shows quite definitely in our home compared when I started and everything was hidden inside a fold down bureau... I guess I have gained self-confidence since then!

* * 

So there you have it, my five object or things! If you want to read the stories of other Ambassadors and see the photos, please visit Finnabair's blog on a couple of weekends to meet the team! 

Thank you for your visit today and thank you Anna so much for the honor to continue in the team! Have a great start to the week all of you! 

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