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Hello there and happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing a special altered piece with you. It was also blogged yesterday on Finnabair's blog in a post with the Ambassadors (link). The theme of the post is comfort zones, about recurring themes and about techniques and materials we usually gravitate towards to or have at hand all times. The post is really interesting to read, so head over to Finn's (link)

We all have our favorite colors, techniques and go to supplies. But I bet that we also have a re-occurring theme in our crafts, something we try to capture and create over and over again. I actually have several. Naturally in my scrapbook layouts my two girls are a constant theme, but I also have a theme in my mixed media work. In large it's music. In more specific, it's my favorite band Turisas. 

I do make crafts about other music as well, for example about Finnish national anthem "Finlandia" (link) or of Astor Piazzola's Libertango (link) but the band that keeps surfing in my projects is Turisas. I think the first project was a heart canvas (link) that I turned into a workshop also. But this project is actually a part of a series I'm doing for the band members. I'm not sure if they are thrilled or not, but as I started with two band members I think it's only fair that they all have a gift. This particular piece is done for their drummer, that's why the cymbal and the drumstick. 

The project doesn't follow my usual go to color scheme of blue, green and turquoise but is inspired by a poster of their latest album and the red and black face paint they use. But the golden disk has one of my all time favorite Finnabair embellishment, the Bottle Caps. They are so handy and go in every project! The little stars are also really versatile and go both to sweet, romantic crafts and to more masculine and grungier things.

What also makes the piece special is that the receiver, Jaakko Jakku, seemed honestly to like it. He even posted it to his artist Facebook page (link). That makes me a happy fan girl! 

Have a great start to the new week! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing

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