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Good evening! Today I have something very different for you. I rarely art journal anymore and it's even more rare that I show the pages or spreads I make. But today I share one spread. This one is done for Mixed Media Place using the current, new challenge!

The challenge is all about letting go, about intuitive painting. There's information and the steps explained in the Mixed Media Place's blog but in short you just need to paint without thinking and then look what you can find in your strokes and marks.

Above is the spread after I had just spread the acrylics on there. I used different hues of blue together with white and just smeared the paints around using a brayer and my fingers. I started with the brayer and then added some smudges and dots with my fingers. 

The first thing I saw in the paints was a head of a bull on the left page and I guess that set my mind to Spanish mode as I saw next a matador and the spectators and carnival characters. I doodled the characters using first a pencil, then following the steps in Kasia's challenge painted the rest of the page white and finished the characters using white Sharpie and pencil.

This project was a really fun exercise! The painting part was pure fun but the drawing part scared me at first as I knew that I was going to share my scribbles online. But then I just thought to let go and have fun. The end result somehow reminds me about Marc Chagall - I guess it's the animal profile and the couple on the top left corner that makes me think about his paintings. I think I might do this again occasionally when in need of a creative break!

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used:


Materials: Prima Marketing, Talens, Ranger, Tattered Angels, Luminarte, Sharpie, Design Memory Craft

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