Harsh and soft wreath - Canvas Corp Brands

Last month or two have been hectic and I've been doing more projects that I've could blog! They've been blogged in the company blogs, but I've failed to get to my own. This is one of those kinds of projects. It's a wreath I made for Canvas Corp blog and was blogged near Thanksgiving. It also fit's Christmas and actually is currently hanging on our door.

This is a simple, upcycled wreath done with Canvas Corp canvas products and also the homey, food inspired “Farmhouse Kitchen” line. The base of the creation is actually a line of springs from a top mattress. I just twisted the line into a circle and attached the ends to each other. Then I corded a twine through the spring, going round the wreath. Lastly I added a few decorative pieces using Canvas Corp canvas shapes and a burlap flower and finished the wreath with a jar cut from a tag from the “Farmhouse Kitchen” line and a few paper pieces.

Thank you for visiting! I've spent the last few days preparing gifts and gift wrapping. How's your Holiday preparations coming along?

Products used from Canvas Corp:

Materials: Canvas Corp, Epiphany Crafts

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