Version Scrap 2014 minialbum - workshop by Magda Bolinska

Hi there crafty people! Today I share with you a project that took me almost six months to do! Well, in all honesty I have to say that the complete working process took just hours but the project was started this spring in Version Scrap in the workshop by Magda Bolinska. Then it was stored quite some time and last week I decided now I need to finish it and I'm glad I did! 

Like I said, the album was started on the workshop of Magda Bolinska and it shows her ideas and style with, I'd like to think, touch of me. The instructions were to bring some photos to the workshop and my photos actually made it all the way to France and the hotel room. I felt quite silly in the workshop with my photos in the room! But luckily I had everything else with me and could do the base in the workshop. Then an idea hit me and I decided to use the base to document that trip so I passed the book around among fellow crafters and even asked the teachers to leave their mark in it! Thus were two of the spreads in the book filled! 

When I then got back home, I ordered the photos to go in the album. When they arrived, I just tucked them inside the booklet inside the kit pouch and then it was sort of forgotten for weeks. I intended to do the mini during my summer vacation, but we weren't much home then, so working with it was again postponed. But as I said, last week I sat down one day and gathered all the materials we used in the workshop around me and started making the mini ready! 

I really love how Magda treats color and makes her pages and minis look so happy and full of great details! I tried to capture the same joy in my pages and used the ideas and techniques she shared in the workshop. If you want to create something similar and get ideas how to play with different mediums, I recommend her workshop! Actually I was so inspired by the workshop that I started another mini with the ideas I got from the workshop. It's about our summer trip to Stockholm and let's see how long that takes me to make!

Usually taking photos of a minialbum is really hard and somehow the pictures never seem to capture the way the album is constructed. At least in my opinion. So I decided to try another approach and shot a short video me leafing through the album. Please say what do you think, it's it better with a video or just with the photos? 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and don't forget to come back tomorrow as there's going to be something really fun! If you want to know more check out my social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram! Wishing you a colorful day!

Materials: Sodalicious, Tattered Angels, 3rd Eye, Design Memory Craft, Ranger, ILS, Talens, Sakura



  2. Ihana ihana albumi ja olipa kiva tuo video! Jotenkin sen kolmiulotteisuuden ja kokonaisuuden näkee tuolla tavalla niin kätevästi.

  3. oh my !! I love LOVE your album !! this is a piece of great job Riikka!! <3

  4. Aivan upea! Kuvat ovat upeita ja tuo video kanssa. Videolta hahmottuu paremmin tuo albumin koko. Tykkään hurjasti kaikesta mitä teet: oot niin taitava. Tää minialbumi oli mulle kiva koska en vieläkään osaa tehdä isoa albumia, en rohkene siihen, jos se ihana iso paperi meneekin ihan pieleen... Vaikka mitä se haittaisi - aina ei kaikki onnistu ja pitäisi vaan kokeilla.
    Mukavaa syksyn jatkoa!

    1. Oikea meininki - jos menee pieleen niin ei haitaa ja tulihan kokemus plakkariin! Toisaalta jos iso paperi tuntuu pelottavalta niin mitä sitä turhaan aloittamaan siitä kun voi pistää vaikka neljään osaan ja kokeilla siinä koossa :)


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