Pop and Colors 3 and big news

Hi there! Today it's a sneak kind of day! I'm showing a few sneaks of my page for the Pop and Colours #3 workshop. I also have big news to share!

So here's a few detail shots of my page. I guess the color scheme is very surprising (not) and also the brands I used to create the page. There's 7 Dots Studio, 3rd Eye and Tattered Angels in the layout. I really enjoyed making the page! I recorded a video for the workshop and also made a step-by-step tutorial. 

If you wish to know more, please join in! There's a bunch of extremely talented ladies in there and me, too. The workshop is all about mixed media touches, how to include it to your projects. For more info, please visit Shirel's page (link)!

I also promised big news - so here it is! The word is now out and I can share the amazing journey I'm starting. I'm one of the lucky ladies to make up the very first Finnabair Creative Team! So amazing! I'm deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity! It's yet another dream come true, really. I can't wait to start creating and hopefully inspiring you!

Please also visit the fabulous ladies in the team: Marta, Carole, Elena, Monika, Lena, Linda and Rebecca

Thank you once again so much for visiting! I've also updated my Resume today with the new team and a few publications from this month, if you want to take a look there. Wishing you a great, relaxing weekend!


  1. Dear Riikka,
    "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece "(John Ruskin)


    Paljon onnea kaikkien suomalaisten puolesta täältä Loimaalta!

    1. Suurkiitos :") Ihan itku tuli kauniista sanoistasi! <3

  2. Love that layout and thanks all the inspiration in Pop and Colours 3. Congrats on the Finnabair Dt and pubs!

    1. Thank you Cassandra! I'm so happy that you find the tutorial inspiring! <3

  3. Onnea Riikka!!!! Huikeaa! :D


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