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Marsha challenged me to document five days of my life. Just ordinary, everyday days. I started documenting on Wednesday, the 23rd July. I really like the idea of documenting the everyday! Although I must say that the end of last week wasn't the most ordinary one... But anyway, here's what my Wednesday was like!


Yay! Just three work days and the vacation starts! Today I had a morning shift so I just got up, made myself ready and headed for work. It's going to be a hot day because it's already +25 degrees Celsius at 7.30 am. So I slip my summer dress on (it's black, like most of my clothes) and chose my gladiator sandals to go with it. 

I take the tram like I do every morning. While sitting there, watching the streets go by, I listen some music and check the Instagram and Twitter, too. This morning I also post a few photos to my account. Off the tram and off to chance to my work attire.


I'm at work early which is a good thing as I immediately notice the day isn't going to be boring by no means. There's a huge amount of work waiting for me. I work, I have a quick lunch break, and continue working. The clock ticks 30 minutes overtime when I check out. I leave myself a note what to do first when I'm back tomorrow. I've worked almost full time since last August, I currently have a 30-hour contract.


As me and my husband are working in July and the kids have time off the kindergarten, they are staying with my parents in their summer house. And as there's just two adults home, we don't cook. It's silly. Before we moved together we hardly ever cooked for ourselves but always for each other. Nowadays we don't cook when the kids aren't at home but just go out and eat or grab something quick to prepare. So I head to the store and pick a salad for myself and something for my husband, too (he doesn't care for salads). Then to home and after "how was your day" we both start working with our hobbies - he creates music, I finish my article for an upcoming number of Craft Stamper.


After finishing and proofreading the article, I then sent it away to Alix, the editor in chief. Then I timed a few blog posts and started editing photos of September projects. I usually tend to work at least a month ahead so if something unexpected happens, there's a time to get everything fixed before the deadline. I even got to cross one thing of my "to-do" list after editing the photo, adding it to the reveal post and Facebooking it. Wohoo! That's always such a joy!

As I had been sitting more or less put for quite some time in front of the screen I decided it was time to get moving, so I fetched my salad and decided to have a break eating it in front of the telly. When the kids are at home we never do that, but as it was just us two, we sat on the couch watching some series while eating.


After food I wanted to craft something, so I took out my acrylic paints and prepared one DT work for upcoming month. It was the last one I had for August. Now I only need to edit the photos and I can move on to September projects.

A thing I have been meaning to do a long time is to go through the "My Details" workshop. I mostly do pages about my two girls, but I've been trying to do more pages about me, too, so this workshop was perfect! A lot of ideas how to document me and history of me! I took the first topic and made a page about it, too. Loved all the ideas it spurred into my head!


As the night was still young, I started to go through the photos that had arrived - my order from Ifolor. I arranged them to different piles. We have three photo albums, or actually three categories of photo albums as there are quite a few filled with photos already. Both of the girls have an album of their own and then there's another for the family pictures. Then I actually have a fourth one, too, for the photos I plan to scrap. But as that album is in a constant change, I don't list is as an album but it's rather a way to store the photos for a while before they turn into pages. 

While I was going through the photos and even before that, we put Teema channel on. It's like this art / history channel with documents, interesting movies and music. This time it had an opera playing, "Isän tyttö" (Daddy's Girl) by Olli Kortekangas. What can I say - it was intriguing, very contemporary, interesting scenery and costumes and reminded me about Chekhov.


I finished the day with some CSI comments, tea and brie. When I was still on the CSI DT I missed some of the last files when comments in the gallery are concerned. I've kept those on my list and sworn that I get every single layout in those albums commented sooner or later. I finished a few albums with tea and lovely brie to keep me company.

Thank you for joining today! I hope you liked reading about my day! Part of the challenge is to nominate someone every day to do the same - document five ordinary days. So my fist nominee is Minna! She's done a swell job with the new blog and I think this kind of series of post would fit her perfectly!


  1. Ihana kurkistus elämääsi kuvien ja tarinoiden kera. Tykkäsin valtavasti! <3
    Ja kiitos kurssivinkistä - tämä pitää käydä tutkailemassa!

  2. fabulous post so interesting x


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