Version Scrap 2014

Hello my readers! As you might remember I attended the Version Scrap event in Paris in the beginning of the month. I posted one project already, made in Alexis Toupet's workshop, and to tell you the truth all the other projects are still "work in progress". 

It seems that the event was just what the doctor ordered as I came back home bursting with inspiration, ideas and excited to craft. The down part was that the week following the event was really busy and I worked long hours so I actually wasn't able to do that much. 

The event was organized in Parc Floral, out of the city centre. The place was great as was the part of the city, too. What struck me in the event was the amount of people in the venue! It was packed! During the afternoon hours it was almost difficult to move around the booths as there was so many people! But I liked the event, everything seemed to run smoothly for the students and before and after the event we got information via emails. The only thing that wasn't that great from a student's point of view was the amount and location of the toilets on site - they were outside in a van and there was three of them.


There were a lot of interesting brands and shops present in the show. I knew some of them before, but got a good look to the others on site. What struck me the most was the absence of paper manufacturers and patterned papers. The floor was divided into two parts - the other half of the venue was for shops and the other for manufacturers. While there was companies like Kesi'Art present which have their own papers, many of the manufacturers had different kind of variety. And even the shops present had minimum amount if any papers. 

On the other hand there was a huge amount of stamps and wood veneers and chipboards available. Many of the companies were stamp manufacturers and also the shops had a good selection of different stamps. Also different paint medias were present. Many of the companies also had a candy store style section with different embellishments arranged in a rainbow style. One of the exhibitors on the manufacturer side was Atilolou who's whole booth was a tiny shop of different little embellishments like buttons, resins, bows and metals. This shop had the longest line and Bente, a Norwegian scrapbooker I shared a table with in Magda's workshop, told me that she had queued there for almost 90 minutes. 

I did some moderate shopping on site even though many of the stamp companies had so many great designs and their booths were really inviting. The photo above is taken at Craft Origine booth and other exciting company was Carabelle Studio. If you wish to see my shopping (and some more photos, by the way), please check my Instagram feed. The photo doesn't show what I brought to my kids, though. I traveled all the way to Paris to by a pair of Fiskars scissors. Funny, eh? But they really needed their own ones and as Fiskars was there present... 

During the event I took three workshops. Two of them were on Saturday and the third on Friday. 

I started the event with lovely Birgit Koopsen in her workshop "Tags Geants". We worked with IzInks, stamps, gesso and stencils. I had fun and my fingers changed colors, which made me happy. One of the students in the workshop looked surprised when she heard Birgit to not to use turquoise. We had to explain that I have taken many of her workshops and always tend to go with blues and greens - otherwise she might have gotten the wrong impression! The workshop was guaranteed quality, like everything this lady does!

My second workshop was with Alexis Toupet, the "Tim Holtz of France". We did a canvas style piece with big stamps and other Carabelle Studio products. I really liked working with the stamps and the techniques. The end result also was that even though I already own quite a good selection of Gelatos, I bought some Neocolor II's. Alexis was clear and experienced teacher and his work was easy to follow. The workshop was held in Frech and though I don't speak the language more than a few words, I could easily follow the steps and finish my project on time. During this workshop I also got to meet the crazy talented Pascale, a team mate from Mixed Media Place.

The third and last workshop I took during the event was Magda Bolinska's "Loose Thoughts". I really enjoy her playful, colorful style and was so excited to meet her! The photo of the two of us was taken by sweet, talented Linda, also a team mate from Mixed Media Place. I had taken photos from home for the minialbum, but ended up leaving them in my hotel room. But it was a happy mistake, as I then decided to turn the minialbum into a travel album and asked all the teachers and friends to write their name on it. I'm going to add a few photos there, too, and some journaling even though I also have my postcard box album (link). But the more the merrier? I enjoyed Magda's workshop and the play with the colors. I would love to take a layout workshop with her, too. 

Although all the techniques and most of the products used in the workshops were familiar to me before hand the classes offered me a lot! I got small hints, little miracles and also a lot of inspiration from watching the teachers create and teach. So if you ever doubt should you take part, I encourage you to just go a head! I have never attended a workshop that I haven't liked or from what I haven't drawn inspiration and new ideas!



One of the key factors for me in this trip was also meeting creative friends. It was so awesome to see Marsha again and spend the weekend with her! It was inspirational to sit next to her in a workshop and talk to her during the event. Thank you for being my room mate! We have to do this again!

It was also so cool and enjoyable to meet Birgit again and spend one evening with her. The three of us all went for a dinner and it was great chatting and spending time with them!

I also loved meeting people I previously knew through the net - like Pascale, Linda, Sharon and Magda! How cool are these events, gathering like minded people from all over and giving them a chance to talk, exchange ideas and just hang out with each other!

The event also had a gallery called "Monumental Scrap" which was really inspirational. It was like 12x12" pages were blown up to be 1x1 meter! I'm definitely trying this some time! Actually I already was checking a few canvases if they would be the thing for this.


I spent three days in Paris - two of them attending to the event and the last one, Sunday exploring the city with Marsha. Our hotel was in Vincennes, where the venue was and if I return to Paris anytime soon, I'm definitely trying to book a hotel from there! Beautiful neighborhood with an easy access to city. Saturday morning we walked through the chateau to the event site - absolutely fabulous. We took the breakfast from a nearby boulanger and ate the croissant in the castle grounds and the "pain au chocolate" in the park near the venue.

On Saturday night we went to the city and saw the modern arch and also Eiffel tower. On Sunday we visited Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame and walked around Le Marais - a artistic, creative part of the city with lots of little shops.

All in all - it was a great trip! Paris in spring was beautiful, the event met my expectations and I enjoyed so much meeting people and chatting with them! 

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Aaaah sigh! Paris in the Spring!! And scrapbooking!!! Definitely Heaven on Earth!! Thanks for the great post!!!

  2. Ihanaa lukemista aamuun. Herättää haaveita päästä itsekin joskus moiselle reissulle :) Kiitos kun jaoit Riikka!


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