Although the presents might be given in the homes already, there's still presents here at the Calendar! You have a chance to win some great stamps from this window. Just scroll down, but be sure to look at the awesome decorations the 3rd Eye Design Team has put together! 

Vaikka joululahjat ovat kodeissa jo jaetut, täällä kalenterissa on vielä paketti tai pari jakamatta! Tästä luukusta on mahdollisuus saada täydennystä leimasinvalikoimaansa. Selaa vaan sivua alaspäin, mutta kurki samalla 3rd Eyen design teamin mahtavat koristeideat! 

"Hi again! ;) It's Drycha here!

 If You didn't saw tutorial for frosted ornaments, please check our morning post {here} :)

Now we have two more decorations + something for dessert at the end of this post ;)
Noomiy made stunning star using papers in pastel colors and 3rd Eye stamps (TES-041 Lightbulbs and TES-044 Dear Santa):

Lightbulbs are nice pair to xmas tree light :)


I made this christmas ornament out of old christmas decoration. I clued old papers on top of the ball and embossed some trees on top of that to create texture. I colored the whole ornament with mists.

I also had old, not that nice ribbon, which I also colored with mists. I used gel medium to attach the ribbon to the ornament. On top of the ribbon I wrote Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year, but in Finnish of course.  

The stamped the trees (TES-046 Xmas tree) on canvas and colored it also with the mists. For the final touch I painted some snow on the edges of the ribbon and the trees and added red dots to give some color to my ornament!


Stunning, right? :)

Now we want to invite You to participate on 3rd Eye giveaway! :)

 You want to win 4stamps from 3rd Eye?
Nothing easier ;) Here are rules:
1: Go to 3rd Eye blog, look at stamps designs catalog {here} and tell in comments under this blog post which designs are Your favs!
2: Share our giveaway banner linked to this blog post.
3: Come back 7th January 2013 and check who win these treasures :)

We'll be grateful and so happy if You follow 3rd Eye blog and like 3rd Eye facebook page!



Monica said...

Thank you for the chance. These are lovely projects. I am a huge fan of 3rd Eye stamps. In their newest edition of stamps I am fond of TES-065,072,073,074... of course that is just to name a few. I have posted a banner on my blog referring back to your site: http://happyscrappn2.blogspot.com/

Lovely creations and thank you for the opportunity to win. Merry Christmas.


Riitta said...

Tällä kertaa pukki ei tuonut mitään askarteluun liittyvää.jospa onni suosis. :)

Jeppula said...

Totta kai tahdon voittaa, hih:)

*Piiku* said...

Taas mukana arvonnassa, banneri ja linkki julkaistu fb:ssä! Tilasin noita ihania leimasimia mutta tämän unohdin: TES-046 Choinka Xmas tree. Eli tuo joulukuusi. Sen haluaisin vielä :)

PiHi said...

Mun lemppari ovat ruusuleimasin ja sydämet, joissa on pieniä sydämiä. Monesti olen käynyt heidän sivuillaan leimasimia ihailemassa ja harmitellut kun en omista yhtään kun heillä haasteitakin välillä on menossa.

suzieq23 said...

Oh my, it is really hard to name my faves. I've had my "eye" on Marcel and Helen for a while, but on the other hand, all the eye stamps area really cool, and of course there are all the background stamps. I'll have one of each thank you!

Paula said...

Vaikea valita, mutta Rose ois kyllä kiva, ja sitten Olivia ja Branch ja ja...

elpimpi said...

WOW! I am also a fan of 3rd Eye stamps. I just LOVE TES- 026, 041, 074, 075 AMAZING!!! :-)

Tankku said...

I love: TES 012-Marcel, 034- Marta, 037 - Olivia and 044-Dear Santa. <3

Anski said...

My favourites are: heart in love negativ, el bahia, braid, rose, leaf, lightbulbs and branch.
Shared on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=398950806847316&id=206580049427527

Saara said...

Isabel, Irma, Olivia, the cat...siis kaikki niin ihania, että vaikea valita!

lehtipollo said...

Cardiogram, el bahia, creased background, crackled forest... <3

maikko said...

Ihania! TES 008 Diamonds voisi olla suosikki, vaikka aika vaikea oli valita..

Boei said...

Number 1 is a branch, then Olivia, old castle window and crackled forest.

Smile_Art said...

It's so hard tell which stamps are favourites. All are amazing and awesome! :)
I choose TES-026 (leaf), TES-041 (lightbulbs), TES-062 (honeycomb2) and TES-074 (crackled forest).
G. :)

Terhi Koskinen said...

Minunkin silmääni iski ne pikkuiset sydämmet <3

Anilewe said...

All stamps are great! But for me, number one is Helen and Carol. It's my "I need it now" :)

Unknown said...

WOW Firstly, I looked at them just for fun, but I fell in love with your technique. It is amazing what you can obtain! I have never done it before but I would like to put my heart and soul into stamping. I really like:
TES-008 diamonds – I love the black cat under the sky of diamonds
TES-016 el bahia – When I look on it I think of Indian world full of mystery and spirits
TES-018 see with the heart – I am a bit nostalgic when I think of eye inside the heart
TES-023 meadow – It remains me funny moments during my holidays in the mountains
But my favorite from favorites is:
TES-049 – Angel Helen – I really like this Angel. For me it is created to look after the children who like jumping in puddles and bursting theirs sides with laughter

Best regards,
La Laallaa

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