Matron bunny - an art doll

Hello there and happy Easter week! This week is a bit different blogging-wise. Usually there's a post each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but this week the Friday is Good Friday, so it's just two posts. Instead of the usual days I decided to put the posts closer to Easter and publish on Wednesday and Thursday. The posts are quite alike, too. I'm sharing two Easter bunnies!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a sneak peek of these art dolls some time ago. I've had the urge to do more dolls since I did the crow and the great tit ones for PaperArtsy (link). The only hinder in the process was deciding what character to do, if you don't count the ever present time issue. Suddenly, when thinking about projects for March, it hit me - Easter bunnies! I did a quick sketch and on my next day off  I hit the fabric store to get the materials for the garments.

From the sketch already, I drew the bunnies in a stylized epoch garments. The other one was more 16th century, Elizabethan inspired robe and the other one had an air of early Italian Renaissance. The gowns are made using cotton-linen mix and like the bird dolls, I made the heads using polymer clay. 

After shaping and baking the heads, I added some paint on top, too. Unlike the birds, I made the bunnies with aluminum cord hands, so they can be manipulated to different positions. The fun part was making the costumes! I mixed stitching using machine and by hand on those. 

I do like how the two turned out, but the heads could be neater. Luckily each project teaches you something and I now have better understanding of the clay and what I want. I also got excellent advice from my super-talented co-worker, who uses polymer clays all the time to sculpt the most amazing dragons (her Insta).

I'm sharing this matron bunny today and the daughter one tomorrow, so hopefully you'll be back! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Fimo, PaperArtsy

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