Listen to Spring - a FB live announcement

Hello there and happy new week! This coming Saturday, January 14th, I'm keeping a Facebook live in English on my Facebook page! A rare treat so far as I've usually kept the lives in Finnish on my own page and the English versions somewhere else.

I'm recreating this little spring-inspired piece. Although it must be said that the weather is anything like spring at the moment. It's below zero and snowing! Which is in fact very fine with me, but makes things harder for transportation. But, back to the project. I'm using acrylics and watercolors here and making a little snowy hut. 

After making this example, I thought about something else, so the version I'm creating online is going to be a bit different. We shall see which one looks nicer in the end!

Hopefully you can join me to this laid-back creative moment! I thought something light for the first live of the year, nothing too mixed media but hopefully still something fun to watch! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful day!

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a wooden house sign base
corrugated cardboard 
old book page
floral stencil
watercolor paper
craft glue, scissors, sponge, paintbrushes

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