Predicting the future - a set of cards

I'm seeing something, it's coming clearer... Yes, it's two cards with a crystal ball on them! 

I've had these shaker bases for some time now and thought at last to make them into cards. I constructed the other shaker as suggested in the packaging and the other the other way around. I'm not totally sure which version I like the best! 

I made the cardbases quite simple. Just some ink through a stencil and water splashes. Some doodles on top to guide the eye in and add some extra magical feel to the shakers. I used more mediums in the pieces showing inside the shakers. For those I layered inks, waxes and paints to get a space styled look. I might have overdone it, though, as the end result looks visually quite flat.

Thank you for stopping by today! May your wishes come true! 

Ranger, Prima Marketing, Tim Holtz, Um Wow Studio, Sinelli, Posca

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